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Orders Ship Same Biz Day
Orders Ship Same Biz Day

Happy Kit


MJ Wholesale is your one-stop-shop for all things happy. Don't believe us? Feel free to browse the wide variety of Happy Kits and Happy Dab Kits from our collection. These versatile kits include everything a smoker needs to start - from hard-shelled cases to zippered, smell-proof, and shock-proof cases. Loaded with handy goodies like Concentrate gathering tools, dab tools, torches, dab mats, and wax containers, our kits will make your customers happy every time they visit your shop! 

Get hold of the Happy Kit Deluxe for the smoking needs of your customers. This sleek case is portable and gives them everything they need right at their fingertips. Available in a range of colors, it's virtually smell proof and can be brought in a lot of one, four, or eight. The sleek, pocket-friendly, and pocket-sized Happy Mini Kit comes in multiple colors and has everything your smoke shop customers need for an excellent dabbing experience - no matter where they are.

Looking for a dab kit that will make your customers VERY happy? Then you need the Very Happy Dab Kit! No, seriously. This fantastic kit includes everything they need to get dabbin', including a highly functional glass tree percolator, dab tool, pad, torch, and much more! Don't miss out on this absolutely must-have accessory for your smoke shop!

Stock up on the Happy Dab Kit that lets your customers enjoy their favorite concentrate wherever they are! The sleek and discreet case is smell-proof, making it the perfect accessory whether one is hiking, biking, skateboarding, or simply enjoying a day at the park or a beach. 

So, why wait? With MJ Wholesale's low wholesale prices and fast delivery, it is a piece of cake to stock up on these beautiful happy kits- the ultimate solution to all the dabbing worries.

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Same Day Shipping!

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