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Wholesale Dispensary Supplies

MJ Wholesale is the Number One Wholesale Dispensary Supplier in the Country!

Number 1 Wholesale Supplier

MJ Wholesale carries a top-notch collection of diverse dispensary supplies that you can add to your inventory at the best wholesale prices.

Elevate your collection with the latest and greatest dispensary supplies at wholesale rates only at MJ Wholesale. We always stock products that are new and in demand. We keep updating our inventory to keep it fresh and interesting for all our clients. Whether it is top brands or the classics, we have it all. Our collection of dispensary supplies features the most popular products from top brands at the best prices.

Keep visiting this page for updates on what's brewing in our collection. We have everything from smoking accessories to packaging supplies, from handling and processing supplies to apparel & novelty items. MJ Wholesale is the one-stop shop for every requirement a dispensary could have.

Hemp wraps of different flavors, pre-rolled cones, rolling trays, grinders, dab rigs, apparel, vape pens, and hand pipes are some of the wholesale dispensary supplies we have in store for you.

With top-notch, popular brands like Zig Zag, Philips, Lookah, and Dopezilla, you will get immense variety in wholesale dispensary supplies at MJ Wholesale. So don't wait and book your stock today!

Rolling Trays & Grinders

Are you on the fence about what supplies you must stock in your inventory? We'll help you out. Rolling trays are essential for every smoke shop or dispensary. You can mix up your inventory by stocking on top-quality rolling trays from Santa Cruz, ENDO, and others. They are designed to look classy and function smoothly. Their raised edges ensure there's no spillage.

Expand your collection by stocking up on the best quality grinders. MJ Wholesale has a range of Santa Cruz 3- piece, 4-piece, and 2-piece grinders available in different sizes.

You can buy wholesale dispensary supplies and more from MJ Wholesale at the best prices. So don’t delay and place your order today!

Rolling Trays and Grinders
dab rigs and hand pipes
Dab Rigs & Hand Pipes

MJ Wholesale understands that every dispensary is incomplete without stocking the much-in-demand smoking equipment like dab rigs, bubblers, and hand pipes. We have fancy hand pipes made of glass as well as silicone. So take your pick! And all with unique designs and styles. Whether it is the Joker design, Rick & Morty, Squid, Gorilla, or some other art – you'll find all kinds of varieties with us at MJ Wholesale. Dopezilla water bubblers are among our bestsellers.

MJ Wholesale features a range of dab rigs for you to buy wholesale. We also have e-rigs in stock! We are proud to carry Lookah's range of e-rigs in different colors, that can provide an enjoyable vaporizer experience to your customers.

Cones, Wraps, and Rolling Papers

Pre-rolled cones, hemp wraps, and rolling papers form a significant part of any smoke shop or dispensary's inventory. At MJ Wholesale, you can buy the best hemp wraps in different flavors at the best prices. We carry Zooted hemp wraps in a range of juicy flavors that will enchant your customers.

We carry Afghan Hemp rolling papers and pre-rolled cones from top brands like RAW and King Palm. These brands are so popular that they sell themselves without the need for any promotion or marketing. Not only do you save money when you buy from MJ Wholesale, but you also save money on marketing!

Stocking on the best smoking papers, cones and wraps will surely expand your customer base and increase their trust and loyalty to you. Buy only the best wholesale dispensary supplies from MJ Wholesale at the lowest prices.

Cones, Wraps, and Rolling Papers
Packaging Supplies
Packaging Supplies

Every dispensary needs a reliable stock of packaging supplies to package, store and sell their products. We offer a variety of packaging supplies ranging from pop tops, mylar bags, concentrate containers, joint tubes, blunt tubes, jars, and much more. We have customized stickers and labels to make the labeling procedure easier for you.

Duro Brown Paper bags, Shrink Wrap Bands, pre-roll bags, and mylar bags are some items in our collection. Buy a range of wholesale dispensary supplies from MJ Wholesale. Don't forget to add novelty items like stash jars, branded t-shirts, watches, and hats to expand your offerings and attract new customers. Don't wait – get your hands on the best wholesale dispensary supplies today!

MJ Wholesale is the Top Supplier of High-Quality, Attractive, Efficient Rolling Trays at Wholesale Prices.

We believe that rolling shouldn't be boring. Why roll on a plain, dull surface when you can add to the fun with a cool rolling tray?

Rolling trays are an 'essential' for all those who enjoy regular smoking sessions, which is the primary reason they form a vital part of the inventory at every head shop or cannabis store. MJ Wholesale proudly carries a range of rolling trays with captivating graphics and sleek style. You can offer a magnificent variety to your customer base with our distinct styles and sizes. Our rolling trays are sleek, sturdy, and elegant, sure to catch anyone's eye.

We carry wholesale rolling trays from popular brands like Juicy Jay, Zooted Brandz, OCB, V-Syndicate, RAW, Zig Zag, Puff Puff Pass, Cheech & Chong, ENDO, Famous Brandz, and OOZE, to name a few. MJ Wholesale has a wholesome collection of rolling trays available in distinct sizes, materials, and eye-catching graphics. All our trays are available at wholesale rates and in bulk quantities.

So hurry and stock up wholesale rolling trays for your head shop, smoke shop, dispensary, or cannabis business at the best prices only from MJ Wholesale!

Rolling Trays
Raw Rolling Trays
RAW Rolling Trays

RAW is one of the most popular names in the cannabis industry. They are famous for their rolling papers and cones and have a unique collection of RAW rolling trays.

MJ Wholesale proudly carries a wide variety of RAW rolling trays for all smoke shops, head shops, and dispensary owners. These beauties have the famous 'RAW' logo and come with unique artwork.

We have RAW trays from small to XXL size, with cool graphics like 'Rawsta,' 'French fries,' to 'Prepare for the flight.' These trays are not only good to look at but also function very smoothly. They have slightly raised edges to protect and keep the contents within the tray. RAW trays are available in metal as well as wood. The wooden ones look classic and carry a RAW appeal, whereas the metal ones feature distinct art and have their own charm.

Don't wait; get your hands on these wholesale rolling trays from RAW in bulk quantities at the best price from MJ Wholesale.

Large Rolling Trays

Sometimes customers need a large one! Not only the joint but also the tray. Our collection of large rolling trays features premium brands like RAW, Elements, OCB, Zig Zag, Beamer, and STR8. The trays we carry are sturdy and stylish, made of metal. Each of them has a curved rim to avoid any spillage.

Your customers can prep easily using large rolling trays without worrying about spilling. Stock up from our collection of large rolling trays and ensure your customers don't leave because of a size issue. MJ Wholesale proudly features a vast collection of wholesale rolling trays in several colors, designs, and sizes to suit all kinds of customers you have.

Large Rolling Trays
Medium Rolling Trays
Medium Rolling Trays

Rolling trays are useful gadgets used by beginners as well as smoking pros. But if someone is confused about the tray size they should buy, they usually opt for a medium-sized tray. A medium rolling tray is handy for rolling joints, cigarettes, or even blunt trays. That's why it is a must-have in your inventory.

MJ Wholesale has a stock of the best wholesale rolling trays from top brands like Ugly House, Famous Brandz, and Cheech & Chong. All the trays we feature have rounded edges and a compact design. Our wholesale rolling trays are made from aluminum and feature high-quality graphics on a non-stick rolling surface. The variety of rolling trays we have gives you immense options to choose from, and the rates we sell at are the best you can find on the market.

Small Rolling Trays

Small rolling trays might be the smallest of the lot, but they are in demand, too, primarily because they are more handy, portable, and lightweight than the other two sizes. Small rolling trays provide convenience and efficiency at the same time. They are a favorite with smokers who are always on the go but need their tray.

We feature various styles and designs of wholesale rolling trays in small sizes. These trays, too, are made of metal and possess eye-catching graphics. Your customers can now keep all their smoking gear in one spot easily. They also have a non-stick surface and curved edges to avoid spillage.

Some of the trays we feature are so captivating that they provide a 3D effect and make the rolling process very interesting for the smoker. The small rolling trays are a hit in the smoking circles, and you must stock them up. So don't wait. Get your hands on our lovely wholesale rolling trays in small sizes right away!

Small Rolling Trays

MJ Wholesale is the Top Wholesale Supplier of Smoking Equipment Like Hand Pipes, Bubblers, and Rigs!

Top Wholesale Supplier

Every shop needs to stock up on the latest and coolest smoking equipment and accessories so that their customers can enjoy an elevated smoking experience. Hand pipes, bubblers, bongs, and rigs constitute the main offerings of head shops.

Impress your visitors and customers with a unique and new, sparkling range of smoking supplies. Whether you need a hand pipe, a glass bubbler, a silicone bubbler, or a dab rig, we have you covered. Purchase the best brands from MJ Wholesale at the lowest and best wholesale prices to enhance your inventory and boost your reach.

Not only is our range of wholesale bubblers reliable and affordable, but they are also uniquely designed and high in function. MJ Wholesale is the most trusted and popular wholesale supplier because we offer only the best wholesale smoking supplies of top-notch quality! Our collection is so diverse and wholesome at the same time that if you think of a brand, you are sure to find it in our collection. It was never easier to level up your inventory. Get your hands on the best wholesale bubblers, pipes, and rigs in your dispensary or head shop by placing your bulk order with us today!

Glass Bubblers

Bubblers are cool smoking devices like glass water pipes that utilize a percolation system to filter and cool the smoke before it enters the smoker’s mouth. Due to this feature of the bubbler, the smoker can enjoy smooth and cool hits and avoid all the harsh smoke. Most of your customers might be bubbler users, but if not, you can always recommend they elevate their smoking experience by utilizing a glass bubbler for a smoother and cooler hit than a hand pipe.

At MJ Wholesale, we are proud to carry a variety of wholesale bubblers that you can add to your inventory without breaking the bank. Whether glass, resin, or silicone, we have them all at wholesale prices. Most of the bubblers we carry are created from top-quality, hand-blown, borosilicate glass and are easily portable.

You can find unique bubblers on our website with designs like Rick & Morty, made in different designs like hearts and shapes like straight or curved. We feature glass bubblers from top brands like Str8 and Hemper. And the best part is that you can mix up your inventory with our diverse collection at affordable rates and enjoy our speedy delivery!

Handglass and Bubblers
Silicone Bubblers
Silicone Bubblers

Silicone bubblers have taken the market by storm. Many smokers prefer silicone smoking gear because of its durability compared to their glass counterparts. They are flexible, durable, handy, and easy to clean. They’re easy to carry, versatile, and portable. It would be a great idea to order wholesale bubblers made of silicone to cater to a broader customer base.

At MJ Wholesale, we have a wide variety of silicone bubblers in several quirky and attractive designs, colors, and shapes. Stocking up on different styles and designs of bubblers gives your customers a lot of options to choose from. We have bubblers in the shapes of a pickle, skull, knight, lantern, and angled design, to name a few. Don’t settle for less because we have the best brands in stock for you. Sloppy Hippo, Puff Puff Pass, Beamer, and OOZE are just some of them. Buy wholesale bubblers from MJ Wholesale today!

Dab Rigs

The demand for concentrates has grown over time, and with it, the demand for dab rigs has risen, too, primarily because dab rigs are one of the most popular ways to smoke concentrates.

At MJ Wholesale, we have a collection of dab rigs from top brands for your head shop and dispensary. Hemper, Ooze, Dopezilla, Str8, Famous Brandz, and Mav are some of the top brands in stock. We have large rigs, mini rigs, and dab tools, too – so that you have all your customers might need in one place! Whether wholesale bubblers or dab rigs, you can find the best for your shop here at MJ Wholesale.

Dab Rigs
Hand Pipes
Hand Pipes

Hand pipes are considered the most timeless, classic, and oldest smoking pieces of equipment that have stood the test of time. Hand pipes have a unique style and old-school feel attached to them.

To stay ahead of your competition in the market, you must offer the best of the best. At MJ Wholesale, we have a huge collection of glass, clay, and silicone hand pipes. From Sherlock hand pipes to spoon pipes, you get all kinds of styles and sizes with us. With our range of wholesale bubblers and hand pipes, your inventory will keep rolling and stay fresh all the time. So don’t wait and add more variation to your inventory! Stock up on hand pipes from MJ Wholesale today!

MJ Wholesale is the Leading Wholesale Supplier of the BEST Rolling Papers From Top Brands.

Rolling Papers Top Brands

Every smoke shop, head shop, or dispensary is keen to have a distinct collection of the best rolling papers for their clientele. Rolling papers have a major influence on the smoking experience of your customers.

Many smokers are inclined towards a particular brand and won't settle for anything less, making it vital for you to stock up on the top brands of rolling papers. You can do so without breaking the bank because MJ Wholesale carries wholesale rolling papers from the best brands at the lowest prices!

Give your customers the brand, the size, and the type of rolling paper they want. You can find all kinds of rolling papers at MJ Wholesale at the best prices in the market. It would be a good idea to carry different brands of rolling papers to cater to a maximum number of people.

MJ Wholesale is one of the most trusted wholesale suppliers because it carries a wide selection of well-recognized and premium brands at the best prices. So don't wait; fill up your inventory with the best for your customers and see them revisit you each time with a wide smile!

Zig Zag Rolling Papers

Zig Zag has some of the finest rolling papers that can give an extra edge to even a homemade roll. Zig Zag features a varied collection of rolling papers. It has a range of unbleached vegan rolling papers that are thin, crisp, and burn slow. Simple to roll, handy and effective, the Zig Zag rolling papers are sure to provide an even burn. They have papers that are durable, fine, and slow-burning at the same time.

Whether it is the Zig Zag Ultra thin 1 ¼ papers, Organic Hemp 1 ¼ papers, Unbleached 1 ¼ papers, Organic hemp king size papers, Unbleached king slim, or the Zig Zag original white papers – we have them all at MJ Wholesale in bulk quantities. Each display box contains a count of 24 or 48 papers and can be brought in multiple quantities! So, don't delay and get your stock of Zig Zag wholesale rolling papers from MJ Wholesale today!

Zig Zag Rolling Papers
Raw Rolling Papers
RAW Rolling Papers

Who hasn't heard of RAW when it comes to rolling papers? The ultimate, most sought-after brand is a must-have for all head shops and smoke shops. It has a massive reputation and has a separate fanbase of RAW loyalists.

MJ Wholesale proudly carries a wide variety of RAW rolling papers for all the RAW fanatics. And we know that sooner or later, everyone becomes one!

Whether it is the RAW Authentic Black King Size Wide, Organic Hemp King Size Slim, Organic Hemp 1 ½ size, Organic Hemp Black King Size Wide, or Organic Hemp 11/4 size rolling papers – MJ Wholesale has it all.

Available in quantities of 24, 25, or 50 per display, you can order in bulk quantities like one display, five display, or ten display boxes from us! This is a deal you can't miss! Give your customers the 'RAW-thentic' experience by buying only from MJ Wholesale at the best prices.

Don't wait; get your hands on these wholesale rolling trays from RAW in bulk quantities at the best price from MJ Wholesale.

Futurola Rolling Papers

The Tyson Ranch x Futurola King Size Slim rolling papers that we carry at MJ Wholesale will elevate the style quotient of your head shop. It is a product line from the popular brand Futurola inspired and designed by the legendary Mike Tyson.

These papers are king-size slim and measure 108mm x 44mm in size. They can fit up to a gram of flower and are perfect for a solo session. The Futurola papers are made of Dutch brown paper and are chlorine-free and unbleached. Each box has 24 count booklets, and each booklet has 33 paper and filter tips.

The most eye-catching feature is that each of these boxes has a POP Display with the face of Mike Tyson, making these papers an instant hit. Whether you store these rolling papers at the back or the front of your shelves, your customers are sure to notice and reach out for the box. So, get your hands on these beauties today!

Futurola Rolling Papers
Elements Rolling Papers
Elements Rolling Papers

Elements rolling papers are the perfect combination of efficiency, convenience, and style. The Elements Ultra-Thin Rice Rolling Papers possess an easy-to-use magnetic closure. They are slow-burning, thin, and provide the ultimate smoking experience.

MJ Wholesale is proud to carry wholesale rolling papers from Elements that are crafted using pure rice and have an ultra-thin precision. They provide no ash smoke and a smooth burn.

Available in 25 pieces per box, you can buy either 1, 5, or 10 display boxes at MJ Wholesale at the best prices. So don't wait. Get your customers excited by stocking wholesale rolling papers from top brands. Book your stock right away!