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5 Solid Reasons Why You Must Buy Wholesale To Stock Up Your Dispensary Or Smoke Shop

Are you looking to set up a dispensary or a smoke shop? Have you newly started one? Are you looking to scale your marijuana business? Are you looking to increase your sales or reduce your purchase costs? If you answered yes to any of the above questions – this post is for you.

All smoke shop and dispensary owners arrive at a point where they have to decide where to buy the bulk of their marijuana supplies from. Whether it is wholesale head shop supplieswholesale packaging supplies, or wholesale dispensary supplies, this confusion always persists. Another big challenge business owners face is whether they must buy wholesale or retail.

Unaware of what is retail or wholesale? Or what is the difference between them? Worry not. We have you covered.

Wholesale Vs. Retail

Let us look at what is a wholesale business, what is a retail business, and what the differences are between the two. Let us also see if there are any similarities between them.

Wholesale Businesses

Wholesalers buy bulk goods directly from the manufacturers at low rates and stock them in their warehouses. They then offer a wide range of these products to all the retailers, dispensaries, smoke shop owners, head shop owners, and other businesses at low prices and bulk quantities.

Wholesale businesses follow the B2B eCommerce model. Wholesalers are often called B2B (Business to Business) because they buy from a manufacturing business and sell to a retail business.

Retail Businesses

Retailers buy products from distributors or wholesalers and stock up their inventory. They market, promote, and sell these products to their customers or end-users.

Retail businesses follow the B2C (Business to Consumer) e-commerce model. Retail businesses are often called B2C because they buy from wholesalers and sell to the end-users.

The only similarity between the businesses is that both buy goods and resell them to their parties with a price increase, often referred to as the “markup.” This markup enables these businesses to cover their expenses and make a profit.

Why You Must Buy Wholesale

The most obvious advantage of buying wholesale is that you can purchase a bulk quantity at low prices. On the other hand, when buying retail, you can purchase a small quantity without adhering to a minimum order value.

So, should you buy wholesale, or should you choose retail? It is always a wiser idea to buy wholesale. And there are many reasons to go wholesale! Here are the benefits of buying wholesale marijuana supplies:

Low Prices

The PRICE factor is the most significant and lucrative benefit of buying wholesale smoke shop supplies.

Buying your supplies in bulk will never be heavy on your pocket (as opposed to buying retail). You can buy all you need at very reasonable prices. Wholesalers provide such low rates because they source it directly from the manufacturers. Wholesale suppliers like to establish long-term relationships with their clients, which ultimately serves as a win-win for both parties.

You can also save considerably on your shipping and packaging costs when buying wholesale. Not only do wholesalers provide extensive shipping discounts on bulk orders, but some also go out of their way to provide FREE shipping if you meet a minimum order value.

MJ Wholesale provides free shipping for all orders above $10K besides the additional 12%, 15%, and 18% discounts on order values of $10K, $15K, and $20K, respectively. How cool is that?

Top Quality Products

Unlike many retail stores where you ‘might’ get products at a lower price but only with a significant compromise on the product quality, wholesalers always stock up on the best quality products. Why? Because they buy bulk quantities and believe in making long-term relationships with their clients. And for this reason, along with low prices, wholesalers also focus on providing the best quality products to their clients.

All the wholesale marijuana supplies and smoking accessories at MJ Wholesale come directly from the manufacturers. This fact ensures that the smoke shop and dispensary owners get access to the best wholesale smoke shop supplies and wholesale dispensary supplies at MJ Wholesale at the best rates possible!

Exceptional Customer Service

The best thing about wholesale businesses is that they’re in it for the long run and believe in establishing long-term relationships as opposed to retailers, where most transactions are a one-time thing.

Wholesalers ensure that their clients can rely on them whenever they need something. This is a reason why wholesalers strive to provide exceptional customer service. Wholesalers ensure that the entire experience of buying wholesale is smooth and frictionless for their clients.

Not only is their support staff easy to reach, but they are also easy to communicate with and quickly resolve issues. Top wholesale marijuana suppliers like MJ Wholesale ensure transparency at every stage of your buying process and strive to provide the best customer experience no matter your order value.

Access To Renowned Brands

When buying retail, you might end up buying non-branded goods or might be limited to choosing from one or two brands that the retail store has a stock of. However, wholesalers ensure to stock up on a vast collection of the most popular, bestselling, and renowned brand products.

These brands are the brands that people have used, loved, and trusted for decades. These brands have built a brand identity that works for itself, and the benefit for you here is that you don’t need to spend extra time or money to market these branded products. Buying renowned brand products at wholesale rates can be the best decision for your start-up smoke shop or dispensary.

With MJ Wholesale, you can buy a range of wholesale head shop supplies from the most popular brands such as RAWZig ZagOCBHemperZooted Brandz, and a range of wholesale packaging supplies from top notch brands such as STOresponsibleCanlockLibbey and more.

Extensive Variety Of Products

When you buy wholesale, you can access a wider pool of products and a vast collection of brands. You can shop for wholesale head shop supplies or wholesale smoke shop supplies simply by choosing from the different categories of supplies available on the wholesaler’s website.

At MJ Wholesale – you can buy everything from wholesale head shop supplies, processing and handling supplies, and wholesale packaging supplies under one roof. You will also find diversity in the range of products, according to their function, size, and cost.

Where Can You Buy Wholesale Head Shop Supplies?

Get the best wholesale dispensary supplies, wholesale smoke shop supplies, wholesale head shop supplies, wholesale marijuana supplies, and wholesale marijuana packaging at discounted rates - when you shop with us at MJ Wholesale.

What do you need? You can do all of this by simply placing a minimum order of the value of $200.

Buying Wholesale Supplies Is The Better Choice

Not only do you save a lot of money when buying bulk from wholesalers, but you also save time and effort of searching for different products over and over and trying different suppliers each time. We are sure that by now, you must have decided to stock up your inventory by purchasing from a reliable wholesaler. This is the right way to go! Not only does it guarantee cost-effectiveness, quality, and variety, but it also helps you gain information about the cannabis market in the area, State laws, product insights, tips, and tricks that can help you in the long run.

Why Buy From MJ Wholesale?

1. Stock More And Save More

Our clients love shopping with us. We want them to stock up well and at the best prices! Simply put, you get the lowest wholesale prices with MJ Wholesale; PLUS, you get additional discounts when you buy more.

Don’t believe us? Here are our EXCLUSIVE discount offers for different order values.

  • With an order of $3000, you can save an additional 5% (Promo: MJ5P3K)

How can you do this? Simply use our promo codes before you make the payment and avail of the massive discounts at MJ Wholesale.

2. Long Term Relationship

We like to form genuine, reliable, family-like relationships with our clients and love to offer help wherever possible. Whether your requirements are small or large, we have you covered. You can expect us to go out of our way and give you suggestions, ideas, and advice when buying wholesale smoke shop supplies or wholesale dispensary supplies.

We can suggest what brands might suit your target customers and help you make supply-related decisions as your trusted supplier for everything wholesale!

When you buy from MJ Wholesale, you are not just stocking your inventory but also gaining a partner on which you can fall back for all wholesale marijuana supplies.

3. One-Stop-Shop

At MJ Wholesale, not only can you buy more and save more. But also buy more and buy all kinds. We mean that you can buy all you want – at once with MJ Wholesale – under one roof. This saves you the effort to head wholesale shopping every now and then.

Because of the variety we have in stock and the brands we feature in our collection, we are a one-stop shop for all wholesale marijuana supplies for every marijuana business.

Not only can you buy all the different products (ranging from packaging to smoking accessories) you want, you can buy them in bulk – because MJ Wholesale has a huge inventory that can keep your dispensary or smoke shop brimming with new stock every day of the year.

You can give a tough fight to your competition when you stock up your shop wholeheartedly. Even if you have a small business, you can outdo your competitors by having the right product in stock at the right time!

Besides getting the right goods at a lower price, you also save on additional shipping and packaging costs. What’s more, you can use a discount incentive to give your business a head start compared to your competitors.

Buy With MJ Wholesale

MJ Wholesale is the number one wholesale supplier for everything marijuana. Thinking of where to begin? Get a free quote for your requirements. Simply email us at, or you can also reach us at 1-844-398-4463. Happy Shopping!