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$200 Order Minimum

Buddies Bump Box Medium 98mm Size (34 Count) Cone Filler

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Processing and Handling Supplies

The Buddies Bump Box Cone Filling Machine allows you to roll 34 medium 98 special (98mm) cones at once. It’s great for saving time, and is ideal for businesses and individuals needing to roll a larger number of cones. Open the lid, and use the included pokers to poke down the herb in each cone. Flip the lid underneath, which will push all 34 cones up out of their sleeve so you can easily grab them out, and twist the top shut.
We just have to take a minute to thank Buddies for coming out with this product!! These are actually by far better, while also being much less dough, than the closest competing product! A fantastic deal, we are thrilled to have and sell them!


• Buddies Bump Box Medium 98mm Size
• Comes with 2 pokers
• Light weight - Made of foam
• Works with 98mm Cones (98 Special)
• Rolls 34 Cones at a time
• Grind up your herbs
• Gradually spread grounds all over the openings