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Opening a Smoke Shop or a Head Shop? Here are a few tips you shouldn't miss!

Do you know that almost 66% of American adults have smoked marijuana at some point in their lives? And over half of this lot continues to use it on a regular basis. This is good news for the head shop industry! Why? Because whether you smoke marijuana, tobacco, or hookah, you need smoking gear to help you do that. 

This very fact has caused an uproar in the field of smoking gear and accessories. Head shops are coming up with innovative ways to cater to the people who smoke. It is not just about business anymore. It is about building a community and garnering a massive following with the help of various brands that provide quality smoking equipment. If you too, are looking to start your smoke shop or head shop, read this blog to find some useful tips. 

Head Shops vs. Smoke Shops
Head shops and Smoke shops can be found everywhere these days. These shops are famous for selling products that are related to the consumption of cannabis and tobacco. 

Confused? Many people think they are one and the same. But they are actually different, even though they have a similar purpose. 

Let's have a look at the significant differences between a head shop and a smoke shop.

Head Shop
We'll get into the details. But first, some interesting historical facts. People who consumed marijuana back in the day (in the 1960s) were often referred to as potheads. And this practice is still prevalent. This is how the 'head shops' got their name. 

Now, if you're wondering what a head shop does, here's the answer.

A head shop is a retail store where you can buy any kind of smoking equipment or accessory required to smoke hash or weed. However, it should be noted that a head shop does not sell weed in any form. 

Products sold by Head Shops
You can find various smoking essentials and accessories such as rolling papers, bongs, water pipes, dab rigs, stash boxes, dab tools, and bubblers in a head shop. 

Smoke Shop
Smoke shops are stores that sell tobacco smoking accessories, usually in the form of cigarettes or cigars, at a discounted rate.

Products sold by Smoke Shops
Yes, while it is true that smoke shops primarily sell tobacco smoking accessories like cigars, these days 'smoke shop' is a term that is commonly used for shops that sell smoking accessories of any kind! It could be even rolling papers, bongs, water pipes and others which are commonly sold in a head shop.  

Tips to open a smoke shop or head shop and boost its sales
Now that you know the significant difference and similarity between a head shop and a smoke shop, let's get into some tips to help you when you're opening either of them.

  • Set a Budget
  • Many shop owners make the mistake of not having a budget set for their shop. It is crucial to know your minimum operating budget beforehand. This can be done by analyzing the cost of your rent, insurance, utilities, staff, and others.  Also, add the cost of any daily operational supplies, security equipment or electronics that you need to operate your shop. 

    It can be difficult for a shop to thrive if you have no employee or volunteer to help out. Ensure you have at least one employee so that your shop doesn't shut down if you are sick or out for an emergency. 

    Having a savings account can help you in case your shop hits a rough patch. You can always add the money back to your saving account.  

    Lastly, add the cost of supplying to your store. Your shop should always have enough stock so that it is up and running at all times. It would be best if you don't run out of things abruptly. Having a store also helps when your head shop supplier runs out of that particular item, and you need to wait for backorder. 

  • Stay ahead of competitors
  • Get an idea of what the timings or operating hours are of other head shops or smoke shops in the area. Head shops work best in areas where they are allowed to be open till a bit later. 

    Always be aware of your competitors. It doesn't harm to be friendly with them, but you must know their strengths and weakness. For example, if a competitor has a range of trendy products in the area, try to find a smoke shop vendor who can supply you with a similar product range or something even better. 

  • Give Customers a reason to stick with you
  • Now comes the big question. Why should a customer stick with you when they have several other options? Always ensure that you have an answer for this. 

    Either you can have top-notch quality products that you buy from a quality smoke shop wholesale store, or you need to have an offering that extends beyond just the smoke supplies. You can offer inexpensive and high-quality books or records along with smoking supplies. 

    Some shops offer skateboarding supplies in order to strike a chord with the smoking community. You can also have a small sitting area for your customers where they can hang out, discuss, read books and listen to music while shopping from you. All these things can give an edge to your smoke shop and set it apart from others. 

  • Tie up with a head shop wholesale store
  • The importance of having a great supplier is often underrated. If you have a genuine, high-quality, and transparent smoke shop supplier, things will become extremely easy for you. 

    It is always wise to tie up with a head shop wholesale store that supplies and stocks all kinds of brands, and smoking accessories. This  can save you the trouble of finding multiple head shop vendors. 

    Make sure you check out the product range they offer, their reviews, and their online presence. If they have an excellent online presence, considerable product range, and great reviews, you must make an effort to tie up with them for your regular stock. 

    It will also help if you build a good relation with your head shop supplier. This is because they are always on top of the trends that are followed by the smoking community. They can give you many valuable suggestions for your shop and recommend best-selling products to boost your sales. 

  • Build a community
  • Opening a smoke shop or head shop is not just all business. It should be a fun activity too. You will be meeting many interesting people daily, whether it is your customers, competitors, smoke shop suppliers, or even marijuana activists. Having an online presence will further boost your sales and popularity. 

    Your shop should serve as a great place that helps people unwind while picking up their supplies after a long day at work. It should be a perfect weekend spot for them to hang around and discuss the things they love. 

  • Have a social media presence
  • Don't underestimate the power of social media. Social media is boosting the reach of brands trifold and is increasing the active members of their communities. Utilize the power and reach of Instagram if you haven't already. It also has a store feature that can help you display your products and acquire new customers. 

    Another aspect of Instagram is influencer marketing, which you can capitalize on. If a well-trusted and genuine influencer with a good reach promotes your smoke shop, you can get an instant boost in your orders. 

  • Host events
  • Bring your offline and online customers together by hosting epic events. If you're not keen on holding an event at your shop, select an online event platform for a virtual event (which is quite a trend these days). Use this opportunity to bond with your customers, offer them free samples, host giveaways and contests to shoot up their excitement levels. 

    You can also invite guest speakers to your event or host meet and greet sessions. Hosting a webinar or a class on the best ways to use rolling papers and water pipes might see an audience too. If you sell exclusive brand merchandise, you can also host an exhibition. 

    We have already covered plenty of tips to help you set up, run, and boost your smoke shop business. Let us also glance through some 'Don'ts' when you open a smoke shop. 

    Here are a few DONTs that you must remember when running a smoke shop.

  • Stocking the Wrong Products
  • Just because you like a certain bong or vape cartridge, it doesn't mean your customers will love it too. Treat your business as a separate entity and not as an extension of your likes and dislikes. It is crucial to keep an open mind when it comes to a smoke shop business. Trial and error might work too. Also be open to get the latest tips and recommendations from your smoke shop supplier to get the best results.

  • Hiring just about anyone
  • Don't be casual about your hiring. The staff at your shop represent your brand. There might be people who think they can get away with shady behavior in your absence. If possible, go a step ahead and get their background checked before you appoint your staff. 

    Be very clear about your expectations from your employees. They must be well aware of the strict protocols, putting up a great behavior, and the zero-tolerance policy when it comes to drug use in your shop!  

  • Don't go overboard.
  • We're all for a fun and excellent smoke shop to attract the party crowd. However, you must draw a line between cool and tacky. Many smoke shops go so overboard with their décor that they alienate the people who come to their shop to buy simple smoking accessories. 

    Sticking far too many colorful posters or having excessive fluorescent lighting can make your shop look hideous. Keep your shop's vibe cool and trendy, but the décor should be classy and simple so that people can feel at home.

    Which Smoke Shop Supplier is the best for your needs?

    If you're looking for the best head shop wholesale store to buy a bulk quantity for your head shop or smoke shop, this part of the blog is for you. MJ Wholesale is the perfect wholesaler from whom you can get your smoke supplies for your retail store. Don’t believe us?

    Here are few reasons why MJ Wholesale is your perfect smoke shop supplier

  • Best Wholesale Prices 
  • At MJ Wholesale, you reap the benefit of the strong relationships that we have built over the years with our vendors. As a result of which, you get not only the best product but also the best wholesale price available in the market.  

  • All Popular Brands under one roof
  • MJ Wholesale is the best head shop supplier as it sources only the best brands that have a history of proven success and customer satisfaction. Some very popular brands in our smoke shop wholesale store are RAW, Ooze, Ugly House, Famous Brandz, Pulsar, Hemper, and Clipper among others. 

  • Get Samples of the products that interest you
  • Yes, that's right. Never be unsure before you place a bulk order. MJ Wholesale understands your concern and doesn't hold back from providing any assurance you require to place a bulk order with us.  With MJ wholesale, you get the samples you need, unlike other head shop wholesale stores that expect you to gauge the product online.  

  • The diverse range of products
  • With the options and variety that we have at MJ Wholesale, it might take you a while to decide which one you want (or which one you don't want!)  for your shop. The head shop and dispensary supplies that we offer range from ashtrays, grinders, 510 thread batteries, dab tools, hookahs, transport bags, blunt wraps, papers and cones, lighters, and torches to many other products. 

    Whether you need concentrate containers, hydroponics and harvesting supplies, processing and handling supplies, glass jars, mylar bags, or the pop-top vials besides the head shop and dispensary supplies, you will find it all with us.

    MJ Wholesale is the head shop vendor that can provide you with more options than you can think of – and that too, for every activity you need to perform in your shop.  

  • Best of both worlds – Old School and New School
  • Are you a fan of both old-school as well as the modern smoke products, but unable to find both under one roof? You can shop for the best classic products and accessories combined with the latest offerings from various brands at MJ Wholesale. 

    We know the popularity of classic brands and their offerings. Therefore, we always keep our inventory brimming with the classics. Also, we stay on top of trends and procure the latest and most fashionable products from our vendors. These products will not only strike a chord with your customers but will make you their favorite. 

  • Processing, Handling and Packaging supplies
  • MJ Wholesale offers smoking equipment and accessories, but also every production and handling supply that you might need throughout the growing and processing procedures. 

    With the wide variety of durable packaging and head shop products that MJ Wholesale has, your products will stay not only intact but also remain fresh and untouched. 

    No other head shop wholesale store will provide you with the diverse range of products that we have. With us, you get every product you need that forms your product inventory, packaging it, processing it, and even handling it. 

  • Best Deals & Offers
  • What do you do when you want a discount on wholesale prices? Here's the answer: Head to our clearance section and shop for your favorite products at excellent prices. The deals, offers, and discounts provided by MJ wholesale are so unique that you will never find such offers with any other smoke shop vendor.

    There's free shipping that we provide for any order which is $750 or more. And guess what? There are no tariff charges too.

    You can check our New Arrivals page to stay in loop of what's hot in the market and if you wish to buy it from us. The Clearance page will keep you updated with the best offers we have during our clearance sale. The Samples page can be browsed to shop for samples of the products you want to buy but are unsure of. 

    Before you start a head shop or smoke shop, you need to find a good smoke shop supplier. Without this, you might end up with the wrong products at high rates in your shop. This can cause a dent to your profitability and credibility. Having a tie-up with a premium quality head shop supplier like MJ Wholesale can be the best decision you make for your business.

    MJ Wholesale is different and much ahead of its competitors in the smoke shop wholesale market is already known to you by now. This is because MJ Wholesale helps elevate your business by offering its dispensary supplies at low wholesale prices. 

    Lastly, when you tie up with us as your head shop supplier, you get more than just products. You get reliable service, trusted products, and the best advice from MJ Wholesale. When you shop with us once, you are sure to return to shop with us every time!

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    Nick Adams - February 17, 2022

    Wow! Thanks for sharing these tips. The online head shop I buy smoking accessories from follows these tips and I guess that is the reason it has been my favorite since the day one.

    Eve Mitchell - January 26, 2023

    I like your tips about getting sample products first. I think this would be important for any shop to do. Thanks so much for the useful tips!

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