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Orders Ship Same Biz Day


Pulsar is extremely popular for its eye-catching range of smoking products and accessories. Pulsar has a veteran team that comes from the vaping and glass industries. They have designed and created several high-quality products that a modern-day smoker can enjoy and use easily. The Pulsar range features everything from smoking pipes, vaporizers, rolling trays to dabbers and much more! 

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Chances are that if you love a Pulsar product, you will never choose another brand! This is because of the ease of use and high quality that it provides. This is the precise reason why MJ Wholesale stocks several Pulsar products for its customers. Some of the products that we have are attractive metal rolling trays, dab mats, lamp rigs, water pipes and spoon pipes.

Take, for example, the Pulsar Mystical Mushrooms Metal Rolling Tray. Not only does it look enchanting, but it functions well too. The tray has raised edges to contain the herbs well and a flat yet strong base to make rolling easy for you.  The best part about the Pulsar rolling tray is that it doesn’t chip, fade, or peel. It is easy to clean as well. 

The best thing about Pulsar products is that they are designed so colorfully and so creatively that they can pull anyone’s attention. MJ Wholesale presents a diverse range of Pulsar’s latest products that you can lay your hands upon. The vapes they offer can be used for dry herbs as well as concentrates. The function of their vapes and glass products is so seamless that it gives you a perfectly smooth and balanced hit without any hassle.


If you love Pulsar’s smoking accessories, you might be aware that they are available on many eCommerce websites. But before you go ahead and order from there, there’s a disclaimer. The prices might be higher than you expect! So, if you want the best of Pulsar’s smoking accessories, you must check out the Pulsar range at MJ Wholesale without fail. MJ Wholesale presents the best of Pulsar’s products at wholesale rates. 

Colorful, high-quality and affordable – are the three terms we use to define our stock of Pulsar products. The best part is that you can order them in a bulk quantity and avail a plethora of offers. We bet you won’t find similar offers, prices, and discounts anywhere else. Even basic things such as Pulsar Crud Bud cotton buds, Dab mats, and Pulsar Crud Bud Alcohol-filled Cotton Buds are available at MJ Wholesale. 

MJ Wholesale aims to provide the best smoking experience to its customers by bringing the best brands under one roof. Pulsar products are high in demand and are among the bestsellers at MJ Wholesale.

So, whether you’re looking for some fabulous rolling trays, water pipes, or just some silicone spoon pipes, MJ Wholesale will provide them to you at best prices.  And if you have smoking partners and want to gift them something useful, we highly recommend the Pulsar smoking accessories. At MJ Wholesale, the prices are so attractive that you wouldn’t mind stocking up for the entire year!

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