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Cannabis Packaging Guide: What size Pop Top Vial, Mylar Bag or Joint Tube do I need?

Cannabis Packaging Guide: What size Pop Top Vial, Mylar Bag or Joint Tube do I need?

Want to know the secret to the most potent and fresh cannabis? The perfect packaging! How, you ask?

Isn’t it true that your joints, dry herbs or edibles will be rendered useless if they are not packaged or stored well. Not only will they break open, but will lose all their potency too.

No matter what brand the pre-rolled cone, or joint is from, it will not sustain if not packaged and stored well. The pre-roll tubes or joint tubes play a significant role in preserving the freshness of your joints. Similarly, pop top vials and mylar bags are crucial for safe dry herb or edible storage. 

This makes it very important to stock up on high-quality pop top vials, mylar bags, pre-roll and joint tubes for packaging your marijuana. Your cannabis-loving customer base will appreciate the good packaging and reuse it too.  

Important characteristics for Cannabis Packaging.

Before we discuss the different sizes of marijuana packaging, here’s a checklist of all the characteristics that your mylar packaging should ideally have. 

1. Airtight Caps

In case of joint tubes, the tubes must provide optimal protection to the contents, and thus must have an air-tight cap to prevent any contaminants from entering the tube. The pop top vials and mylar bags should have an air-tight seal too. 

2. Portable & Lightweight

The marijuana packaging should be handy, lightweight and portable so that they can be carried around in bags or purses. They should have a good grip for convenience and ease of usage. 

3. Child-Resistant

It's important to bear the safety of children in mind when choosing your cannabis packaging. Go for child-resistant certified tubes, vials and mylar bags so that they cannot open easily even if children access them somehow. 

4. Discreet Appearance

Go for packaging options that look discreet. Customers prefer discreet packaging so that they do not have to deal with unnecessary attention.  

5. Odor Resistant

Odor resistance is crucial to contain the smell of the dry herb, edibles, joints or pre-rolls within the packaging.  

Besides these characteristics, you can also choose marijuana packaging having different transparencies like opaque, translucent or transparent to provide more options to your customers. 

Now let us discuss the different sizes of joint tubes or pre-roll tubes, mylar bags and pop top vials that you can choose from.  

What size of Joint Tube do I need?

Some popular sizes of joint tubes are 90 mm, 98 mm and 116 mm. Depending on the size of joints or pre-rolled cones you are selling, you can choose similar sized tubes.

At MJ Wholesale, we offer a variety of joint tubes. Here are some of the most popular sizes we have. 

  1. 78mm Pre-Roll Littles Tubes

Looking for a small tube? Perfect for flower, pre-rolls and vape cartridges, these tubes can hold half-gram pre-roll or a 510 vape oil cartridge. Popularly known as ‘littles tubes’, they work perfectly for smaller sized pre-rolls, some of them being littles or dogwalkers. 

  1. 90 mm Joint Tubes

Larger than the previous size, these joint tubes are ideal for storing 84 or 85 mm pre-rolled cones. They can be used for half a gram or ¾ gram pre-rolls. The transparent variety of these tubes is famous, especially in States where only transparent pre-rolls can be sold or consumed. 

  1. 98 mm Joint Tubes

Just like the counterparts, the 98 mm joint tubes are perfect to package and store cones, joints, blunts or vape oil cartridges. They are perfect for 1 gram or two half-gram pre-rolls. Conical in shape they are available in opaque transparencies and clear ones too. Popular as the mid-size storage solution of joints that can store anything between half a gram joint and the king size joint. 

  1. 114 mm Wide Preroll Tubes

Constructed with a wider build, they can hold a single large joint or accommodate multiple smaller joints and blunts. They are also popular as doob tubes and can store joints, blunts, cones and vape oil carts. 

  1. 116 mm Joint Tubes

Depending on the size of your pre-rolls, you might be able to fit in upto 2 pre-rolls in this joint tube. They can hold the 109 mm pre-rolled cone (king size or one-gram joint) with ease. They are available in opaque colored options and look trendy. 

  1. 120 mm Blunt tubes

This blunt tube has the capacity to hold different types of tobacco joints, blunts, swishers, pinners, pre-rolls, fatties and others. They are the ultimate fit-all-kinds tube available. They can be brought in black, white or clear colors. 


Which Size Mylar Bags do I need?

If you’re planning to use mylar bags for packaging, you will again have a lot of options. Here are some popular sizes of mylar bags that we have in stock.

  • ½ Gram Mylar Bags
  • Perfect for both – transportation and storage. The ½ gram mylar bags are ideal to hold ½ gram of dry herb. 

  • 1 Gram Mylar Bags
  • Buy the 1 Gram Mylar Bags to keep one gram of your dry herb fresh and potent for a long time. We have opaque and vista packaging to suit all requirements. 

  • 1/8 Oz Mylar Bags
  • Ideal to hold 1/8 Oz of dry herb weight, the 1/8 oz mylar bags are durable, and effective. These bags can easily fit 3.5 grams of flower and are a practical packaging solution.

  • ¼ Oz Mylar Bags
  • Buy the ¼ Oz Mylar bags in bulk quantities with us. You can buy right from 100 to 20,000 pieces. Our collection features the Loud Lock Grip N Pull Mylar Bags too. 

  • ½ Oz Mylar Bags
  • It can hold up to 14 grams of dry herb and keep it fresh for a long duration. You can buy it in Vista or opaque colors such as black and white. 

  • 1 Oz Mylar Bags
  • The 1 Oz Mylar Bags are perfect to store 28 grams of dry herbs. These bags are convenient, portable and lightweight. Perfect to keep the contents fresh, these bags can be brought in Opaque or Vista variety. 

  • ¼ - ½ Lb. Mylar Bags
  • Keep ¼ - ½ Lb of flower fresh with these mylar bags that are durable, secure and portable. 

  • 1-2 Lb. Mylar Bags
  • Ideal for keeping sizeable quantities of marijuana fresh for a long time, the 1-2 Lb Mylar bags are also known as large marijuana bags or large flower bags

    Which Size Pop-Top Vial do I need?

    Pop Top vials serve as the perfect way to package cannabis in both medical and recreational sectors. They are called so due to their signature ‘pop’ sound when opened and are child-resistant too. 

    1. 6 Dram

    Perfect for dispensaries, the 6 Dram Vials that we carry are child-resistant certified and can secure up to 1 gram of dry product weight. They are a lightweight, secure and compliant solution for your packaging needs. 

    1. 13 Dram

    Package up to 1 gram of dry herb in the 13 Dram pop top vials. They are child-resistant and available in a variety of colors such as yellow, pink, blue, red, black and green.

    1. 19 Dram

    The easiest and most convenient way to store up to 1/8 ounce of dry product weight is in the 19 dram pop top vials. Perfect for medical or recreational packaging, you can choose among a variety of colors too.

    1. 30 Dram

    Store between 1/8 ounce to ¼ ounce of dry product in the 30 dram vials. Lightweight, compliant and secure, they work as the perfect marijuana packaging for dry herbs. You can choose between solid opaque colors, translucent or clear varieties. 

    1. 60 Dram

    Securely package and store ¼ ounce to ½ ounce of dry herb product in the 60-dram vials. Featuring an airtight seal and a moisture resistant design, the 60-dram vials can easily hold 7 to 14 grams of flower. 

    1. 90 Dram

    The 90 dram pop top vial is ideal to hold 1 Oz of dry herb. These vials are wider and shorter as compared to others. They are lightweight, portable, secure and keep the contents fresh for a long duration. 


    Mentioned above are the most popular sizes of mylar bags, pop top vials and pre-roll tubes or blunt tubes that every dispensary and head shop owner should have in stock. There are many more sizes and styles upcoming every now and then. You can keep checking out our latest arrivals to stay updated. 

     MJ Wholesale is proud to offer a wide variety of joint tubes of different transparencies, colors and sizes at wholesale prices. Other than marijuana packaging, we have also have a diverse collection of smoking devicesrolling papers, and novelty items that you can purchase at the best rates from us. 

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