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Cannabis Packaging – Tips and Types

The cannabis industry is booming and, at the same time, witnessing competition like never before. But one other industry within the cannabis segment is touching the sky. It is none other than the cannabis packaging industry!

MJ Wholesale Packaging

According to a report, the cannabis packaging market was valued at USD 101.48 billion in 2020. It is expected to reach a whopping USD 297.51 billion by 2026. This means that it is going to almost triple within the next five years!

Not just that, the customers are sure to consider the packaging of your product keenly when buying from you. Customers are becoming more aware of the essential features that cannabis packaging must have and are increasingly opting for sustainable packaging.

Yes, your packaging needs to be eye-catching, but there are many other aspects you need to consider! Especially when you buy in bulk. Here are four crucial aspects you must consider when it comes to cannabis packaging.

  • Durable and Long Lasting

An attractive design is something everyone looks for. But we recommend that your primary focus should be on something else. When you buy packaging material for your cannabis products, ensure that you choose a high-quality material. Going for low-quality products just because they are cheap can backfire and cost you a customer! Durable packaging that serves as a competent storage tool is the best option for cannabis products.

  • Resealable

Whether your packaging is made of paper, plastic, silicon, or any other material, it should be resealable to keep the contents fresh, dry, and potent. Containers that are resealable protect your products from moisture and sunlight. Resealable packaging allows your customers to use, reuse, seal and reseal at their convenience time and again.

  • Child Resistant

An important feature that is enforced by many States is that your marijuana packaging should be child-resistant. Always opt for packaging that is easily accessible by adults and the elderly but cannot be tampered with by children.

  • Waterproof

Don’t be at fault of ignoring this important aspect like other dispensary and smoke shop owners. If your packaging cannot resist water, it will moisten the cannabis product and render it useless within a minute!

After you ensure that your shortlisted packaging options have the above characteristics, you can select an excellent design for the perfect branding of the packaging material for your cannabis product.

Different Types of Cannabis Packaging

Depending on what product you sell, you can opt for a cannabis packaging or a combination of packaging from the varieties available. Here are the most popular types of cannabis packaging:

  1. Paper Packaging

If you are choosing paper packaging for your products, ensure that it is waterproof and durable. It should keep the herb dry and fresh. The most important aspect of the paper packaging is its resealable strip on the top, without which the herb will lose all its potency.

Paper packaging can be brought in several sizes and can be quickly stored. You can also store this packaging in a bag to make it discreet.

  1. Glass Container inside a paper box

A paper box might not always suffice for all kinds of cannabis products. For example, with CBD oil, you need packaging that secures the product well. The glass container in a paper box is apt for these kinds of products. The glass container provides extra security to the contents and keeps the product safe.

The paper packaging can be colorful or solid black, as per your requirement. The prime purpose of paper packaging, in this case, is to hold the glass safely during transportation and, of course, for branding and marketing purposes.

  1. Airtight Jar

The ideal packaging for storing flower, airtight jars are reusable even after your customer finishes their product. Glass jars enable the customers to see their product before opening it, making it very convenient. This quality makes glass jars the best option to store cannabis in the form of leaves and flower.

Airtight jars can be customized with a paper box to make it like a gift too. This gift-style packaging is best for upscale customers who prefer subtle designs for their cannabis products.

One exciting aspect of using an airtight jar is that it can be used to portray a fun design that can catch your customer’s eye. The airtight jar keeps the contents fresh, potent, and safe.

  1. Mylar Bags

This kind of packaging is most commonly used because of the convenience and options it provides. The best part of mylar bags is that they can hold a good quantity of product. They are also easy to label. Many options, such as transparent, opaque, and windowed mylar bags, are available in the market.

Clear plastic windowed mylar bags give out a professional vibe while letting the customers view the product inside.

  1. Tin Containers

Even tin containers feature a clear plastic window that helps customers view the product quickly. The lid protects the contents of the container from any sunlight or moisture that may penetrate the package.

You can also choose tin containers with a clear top for better visibility. It also enables them to smell the product before buying without any hassle.

  1. Silicon Jars

Ideal for cannabis concentrates like wax, silicone jars are the preferred packaging materials due to their non-stick properties. Silicon jars can be used for storing premium quality cannabis strains as well.

One important thing to note when choosing silicon jars is that they should be medical grade to avoid any chemical leaching like low-quality plastic. Silicon jars enable the customer to get the entire quantity of product out of the container and helps reduce wastage.

  1. Plastic Vials

Plastic vials work best with a small number of cannabis flowers and herbs. But they work best for storing and packaging joints as well as cigarettes. These plastic vials are readily available in child-resistant lids that involve a pop and squeeze or other locking mechanism. You can easily label these vials too around their circumference.

You can opt for any above-mentioned cannabis packaging options and browse several other varieties at the MJ Wholesale website. Get the best smoking accessories, marijuana packaging, and other related items at the best prices only on MJ Wholesale.

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