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Cones vs. Papers

Cones vs. Papers

Rolling papers is one of the most preferred ways people enjoy their smoking sessions. On the other hand, prerolled cones come with their own set of benefits. So which one is better for your smoke shop or dispensary?

Let's compare the two on four different aspects.

1. Ease of use:

The best thing about pre-rolled cones is that they're simple to use. Cones come ready to use, so your customers only need to grind the flower and fill them up. These are ideal for novices or anybody who wants to smoke but doesn't want to spend a long time learning a new technique or rolling the perfect joint.

Alternatively, if your customer base is more of smoking pros, rolling papers are a good choice. Rolling papers are not ideal for beginners because they aren't easy to use and can scatter herbs. However, people with enough experience enjoy rolling the perfect joint and puffing it up.

zig zag cones

2. Price:

Cone shaped accessories are more expensive than rolling papers. The price of a cone depends on the material and complexity of the cone. Cone pieces can cost anything from $15 to more than $200, depending on the type of material and quality. Rolling paper costs around 50 cents per pack or even less if you buy them in bulk.

While rolling papers are cheaper, cones can be cost-efficient as they don't require any extra materials like filters in the longer run.

OCB papers

3. Smoking Experience:

The smoking experience of your customers largely depends on the marijuana they are using. Rolling papers can be harsh, and cones give off a smooth hit. Cones burn slower than joints to prevent users from burning through their cannabis too quickly. You can recommend your customers the best choice based on this theory, "If your goal is to get super high as quickly as possible, rolling papers will work for you; however, if you want a mellow hit with fewer side effects like dry mouth or eye redness, cones might be better suited for your needs."

4. Time and Waste:

If your customers want to roll a big batch of joints at once, cones are an efficient way to get it done. Each cone takes just a couple of minutes to fill, versus the struggle of rolling papers can last an hour or more. For example, If your customers are at a party and need to roll several joints simultaneously, rolling papers might not be a great choice unless they are experienced enough. Rolling papers are a better choice for a slower smoke with less waste.

MJ wholesale

So, which is better? Which one should you store in your shop?

It would be ideal to stock up on both – prerolled cones and rolling papers because each customer has their preference. Especially with the fantastic variety of smoking equipment and accessories you can buy in bulk at MJ Wholesale at the best wholesale prices, you can cater to each of your customer's needs – whether they're an expert or a novice!

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