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What Is 710 Dab Day?

7/10 Dab Day is to concentrates what 4/20 is to the cannabis flower. While 4/20 enthusiasts celebrate the use of herb and concentrates during the holiday, 7/10 is more solely focused on recognizing concentrates. 

Another term for 710 day is 'International Dab Day.' While the history of 4/20 dates back close to forty years, 710 dab day is a recently invented holiday that began in 2012. 

You're probably wondering why fans of concentrates decided to celebrate their holiday on 710. If you flip the number 710 upside down, the numbers appear to spell the word 'Oil.' 

Before we uncover facts and details relating to 7/10, we'll give a brief overview of what concentrates are. 

How Do Concentrates Differ From Traditional Cannabis Flower? 

The term cannabis concentrates can apply to a series of different products, including:

  • Dabs

  • Hash 

  • Vape oil

—and more. 

Dabs are one of the most popular concentrate varieties when it comes to using rigs, while oil has become a smash hit for vaping fans. Part of the reason that cannabis concentrates is gaining popularity is the variety of product forms users choose from. Since there are different concentrate forms, there are various forms of equipment used to consume concentrates. 

While ingesting concentrates in various forms such as hash for thousands of years, oil has only gained significant popularity in recent years within the mainstream market. Oils are derived from cannabis flower before they transition into concentrate form. 

So, why are concentrates getting so popular?

You'll find that oil is particularly popular in the realm of vaping as it provides consumers with an opportunity to consume concentrates without having to smoke. 

Fans of concentrates appreciate that a user has to ingest less product to achieve the desired effects due to higher levels of potency within products. If you're new to concentrates, we recommend starting low before working your way up. 

Now that we've given some context on what concentrates, let's take a look at the story with 710 Dab Day. 

710 Dab Day History and Facts 

The 710 cup is strongly tied in with establishing 710 Dab Day as a holiday.

Earlier, we mention that 710 Dab Day began in 2012. It makes sense that 710 Dab Day was established during this period as Washington and Colorado became two of the first states to legalize recreational marijuana. 

Legalizing recreational marijuana in Washington and Colorado had a positive effect on dab production. Pre-legalization, producing dabs were reasonably dangerous due to a lack of safety regulations. After waves of legalization in 2012, Washington and Colorado were able to install laws prohibiting the use of hazardous solvents during concentrated production. 

If solvents such as butane are used during production, the quality of the concentrate products is reduced for consumers. 

710 Dab Day Sales

During 710 Dab Day, dispensaries and cannabis accessory sites hold fantastic deals for customers, so head over MJ Wholesale's inventory when the holiday hits for some robust sales. 

There's plenty of data to prove that the sales offered during 710 Dab Day generate results. Headset data from the year 2018 reflected that all cannabis sales rose a stunning 10% on July 10th. If you're not sure what products to select during these yearly sales, consider vape pens and concentrate oils. Vape pens consisted of 36% of that overall 10% rise while concentrate purchases held down a 49% mark. 

In recent years, shatter has become one of the most popular concentrate forms purchased on 7/10. 

When living in an area where marijuana is legal on a recreational or medical level, you can pick up concentrate oils in person. Still, wherever you live, you'll be able to order packaging and accessories from MJ Wholesale

Here's why you should utilize MJ Wholesale's inventory when looking to celebrate 710 Dab Day: 

MJ Wholesale Knows Concentrates 

MJ Wholesale is aware of the growing presence of concentrates—that's why we have a whole section of our inventory dedicated solely to providing concentrate products

The equipment in which you consume concentrates is just as crucial as the concentrates themselves. Without quality equipment, your experience with concentrates will be significantly diminished. 

It's essential to have quality containers to store cannabis concentrates. 

Through MJ Wholesale's inventory, you'll have direct access to the following types of concentrate containers: 

Every fan of concentrates understands the importance of dab tools. All of our dab tools are made of quality metal so you can count on your equipment for the long-run. 

You'll be covered from A-Z for 710 Dab Day as access to the following concentrate products is just a click away: 

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