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$200 Order Minimum
$200 Order Minimum

Qube 5mL | TriQube | Triangle Premium Glass Concentrate Jar Child Safe - Opaque or Clear (Various Counts)

Product Type:

Concentrate Containers and Accessories



Product Name
Opaque White with Inner White
50 Count
Price: $80
Opaque White with Inner White
100 Count
Price: $120
Opaque White with Inner White
150 Count
Price: $160
Opaque White with Inner White
200 Count
Price: $200
Opaque White with Inner White
250 Count
Price: $240


We make it a goal to work with honest companies and manufacturers that provide high-quality products. Qube is one of those manufacturers, working hard to ensure every jar they provide us is pristine.

Food-grade, high-quality glass helps make sure you get every bit of concentrate inside. With a screw-top cap to top it off, it's also reliably child-resistant.

Just picture your brand's logo across the lid on these concentrate jars. That's instant improved brand awareness right there.

Though this is our smallest of the concentrate containers, you can comfortably fit up to 1g of product inside. Looking for a bigger size? The TriQube 9ml triangle containers look identical to these, just a bit bigger.

Each order comes with a quantity of 250 square jars and lids, each with a capacity of 5mL.

There are

  • Clear with Black Lids

  • Opaque Black

  • Opaque White


  • 250 triangle Jars and Lids

  • Capacity: 5ml

  • Used with: Concentrates

  • Concentrate Capacity: 

    0-1g = 5-7ml

    1-2g = 9ml

    2-4g = 15ml



Want to learn more about Qube and why they're one of the best options for your concentrate containers? Take a peek at our guide on the Qube Concentrate Jar.

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Download Qube 5mL ASTM Certification