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Bowl and a Banger: How are they different? Here are the 5 Key Differences.

What is a bowl?

Bowls are important parts of pipes and bongs. They keep the cannabis in place while the user lights it and inhales the smoke through the mouthpiece. "Bowl" is also a term used to refer to smoking small amounts of cannabis that fit in the bowl. The smoker needs a bowl to hold the herb in order to smoke it through a pipe or bong. Flower bowls come in a variety of sizes and shapes to connect to different smoking devices and are built with a shallow, curved form to ensure even burning.

Typically, all bowls have a carved-out area for placing cannabis flowers and a small hole called the carb on one side. The purpose of the carb hole is to regulate the airflow during smoking and hold the smoke inside the pipe chamber when covered. When the carb is uncovered, the airflow pushes the cannabis smoke through the mouthpiece and into the user's mouth and lungs. Different materials, such as glass, ceramic, metal, among others, are used to make bowls. The most popular ones are glass and ceramic, as they can endure wear and tear as well as high temperatures. Bowls are suitable for holding the different kinds of dry herb or cannabis strains and are especially favored by those who prefer traditional smoking methods.

Types of bowls

  • Spoon Bowl: The bowl that's often used for smoking cannabis has a spoon shape, featuring a bowl and a mouthpiece. This type of pipe’s bowl is called a spoon bowl.

  • Chillum Bowl: A chillum is a type of smoking device that consists of a straight tube with a small bowl at one end. It is typically constructed using materials like clay, stone or glass.

  • Bong Bowl: A bong’s bowl is a larger glass bowl designed to fit into the stem of a bong. It's different from a spoon bowl, which is smaller in size.

  • One-hitter Bowl:  A narrow bowl is attached to a small pipe holding a small amount of cannabis sufficient for a single hit.

  • Steamroller Bowl: The steamroller is a glass pipe used for smoking, which has a long shape with a bowl on one end and a carburettor on the other. It is known for delivering a strong hit.

What is a banger?

A Bangor or quartz banger consists of a flat-bottomed bucket used to vaporize cannabis concentrates and oils. Commonly made from titanium or quartz, these tools are composed of a bucket like dish (which holds the concentrate) that sits atop the rig/bong stem, the neck and the joint (connector). A butane torch is used to heat the neck and dish until the concentrate reaches its desired temperature. This allows the terpenes and cannabinoids to be released as vapor, creating a smoother smoke and flavor. Unlike bowls, bangers have no carb hole, and the user needs to pull the dab away from their rig when he has finished inhaling.

Bangers are available in various sizes and shapes to suit different preferences for smoking concentrates. The two most common shapes are flat-top and domeless, with flat-top bangers being the more popular choice. They allow for more even heating, resulting in a better smoking experience.

Types of Bangers

Several types of bangers can be used for cannabis concentrates:

  • Quartz Banger: The most popular type of banger for cannabis concentrates is made of high-quality quartz glass, retains heat for a long time, and provides a smooth and flavorful dabbing experience.

  • Titanium Banger: These items are constructed using high-quality titanium and can retain heat efficiently. Additionally, they possess strong durability and have a lengthy lifespan.

  • Ceramic Banger: This product is crafted from top-grade ceramic and is renowned for its exceptional heat retention and durability. 

  • Thermal Banger: This type of quartz banger has a double-wall design that helps ensure a consistent temperature, thereby enhancing the flavor of your dabs.

  • Hybrid Banger: These dabbing tools are crafted using a blend of different materials such as quartz, ceramic, and titanium. They provide a distinctive dabbing experience and are exceptionally resilient.

The differences between a bowl and a banger

1. Function

Bowls are used for smoking dry herbs or flower, whereas bangers are used for vaporizing cannabis concentrates like wax, shatter and oil.

2. Heating Method

Bowls are usually heated using a lighter, while bangers need a torch or an e-nail to be heated. The reason behind this is that cannabis concentrates need a higher temperature to vaporize compared to dry herb cannabis. To use a bowl, hold a lighter or match close to the dry herb until it heats up. Inhale the resulting smoke through the stem or mouthpiece. To use a banger, place the concentrate in the bowl and heat it with a torch or e-nail until it vaporizes. Inhale the resulting vapor through the stem or mouthpiece.

3. Material

Generally, glass or ceramic is used to make bowls and quartz, ceramic, or titanium are commonly used to make bangers. These materials are used as they can handle the high temperatures needed for vaporizing cannabis concentrates. The most popular bangers are quartz ones because they are durable and offer a clean, pure taste. Ceramic bangers are also favored because they retain heat well and provide a smooth smoking experience with good flavor. Titanium bangers are less common due to their tendency to produce a metallic taste but are highly durable and long-lasting.

4. Smoking Experience

The smoking experience can differ greatly between using a bowl and a banger. When using a bowl, the dry herb is burned to produce smoke for a more traditional smoking experience. This can result in a strong and immediate effect, but it may also be tough on the lungs and throat due to the harshness. On the other hand, bangers provide a stronger and more flavorful smoking experience as they vaporize the concentrates to offer a clean and smooth taste. The effects of concentrates can also last longer and be more intense than smoking dry herbs.

5. Efficiency

Bangers are more efficient than bowls as concentrates are stronger than dry herb cannabis, requiring less to achieve the desired effect. Vaporizing concentrates also allows for more absorption of active compounds, as vapor is easier for the lungs to process than smoke. Using bowls may not be as efficient as using concentrates since it requires a larger amount of dry herb to achieve the same effect. Also, burning dry herbs can result in more mess as well as waste since the ash and leftover plant material must be thrown away.


Bowls and bangers are two distinct types of smoking accessories that offer unique experiences and are used for different purposes. Bowls are used to smoke dry herbs, while bangers are used to vaporize concentrates. Both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to understand their differences before deciding which one is right for you. Ultimately, it solely depends on the personal preference and the type of smoking experience the smoker is looking for. As a smoke shop or head shop owner, it would be great to keep a good stock of both kinds of smoking equipment & tools; the ones that go well with bowls and others that go well with bangers. And why not, when you can buy them at wholesale prices at MJ Wholesale? Check our website today!
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