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Marijuana Packaging Trends

Here are four cannabis packaging design trends you should look out for.

One of the most crucial aspects of selling cannabis is to have a great packaging for your product. The packaging not only impacts the quality of the cannabis but also the customer experience. 

The primary function of any packaging is to protect its contents. Cannabis needs to be protected from light, moisture, heat, cold and dust because these elements can damage its quality or affect its potency. Therefore, when you choose the packaging for cannabis, you need to choose a packaging that protects its potency.

Apart from providing protection to the contents, your packaging should also be compliant with the State laws. It should follow all the State guidelines and instructions for packaging cannabis. 

Here are some important factors to consider when choosing your cannabis packaging:

  • Ease of usage
  • Your packaging needs to be simple and convenient for your resellers and customers to use. If customers cannot close or reseal the packaging properly, it will be left open and the oxidation will spoil your product. 

    Many business owners overlook this aspect of packaging. Even if you have the best packaging that provides optimal protection, but isn’t easy to seal and reseal, you will lose customers. MJ Wholesale is proud to have a collection of marijuana packaging that is not just easy to use but can be reused time and again. 

  • Air Tight
  • Moisture is an enemy of cannabis. It can make the cannabis moldy. Therefore, it is crucial to keep any moisture out of the packaging. It is also important to block out any oxygen or dust from entering.  A proper seal can help ensure your packaging remains air-tight. MJ Wholesale has a collection of  glass concentrate containers that is not just stylish, sleek and classy, but also features lids that keep the packaging air-tight for a long period of time. These containers are available in different colors, and unique shapes like triangle, circular and square. 

    • Compliance 

    Keeping up with the packaging trends is a great idea but following trends while neglecting the State guidelines would be unwise. An important aspect of effective cannabis packaging is compliance. All kinds of cannabis packaging and labeling need to follow the legal guidelines. 

    For example: Every product label should include the brand name, product identity and its ingredients. Information about quantity of ingredients and dosage should be mentioned. It must include all the information that the consumer should know about the contents so that they can make the right purchase decision. 

    MJ Wholesale has a range of child-resistant mylar bags you can use for your marijuana products. We also have a variety of State Compliant labels that you can directly put on your product without any hassle. You can add more information on the labels depending on your product.

  • Opacity
  • To protect your cannabis product from direct sunlight, it is essential that your packaging is opaque. Sunlight can dry out the cannabis and degrade the compounds, rendering it ineffective. In case you use glass packaging, it is vital to store it away from direct sunlight to protect it from any kind of degradation. 

    MJ Wholesale features a collection of attractive and affordable opaque mylar bags and opaque pop top vials that you can order for your products. 

    Once you have covered the essentials, you can consider incorporating some of the latest design trends and unique styles to make your packaging more attractive and eye-catching. 

    Let us look at the packaging design trends for cannabis. 

  • Innovative 
  • Cannabis edibles have become incredibly popular, and sellers are coming up with innovative ways to pack these edibles. There are some packaging types that retain the shape of the edibles while preserving their potency. Some packaging concepts also boast to improve their longevity. 

    Innovation in packaging design has to walk hand in hand with enhanced safety. Today, packaging with different types of closure mechanisms is available. There are a number of ways of opening, closing and resealing the package. Squeeze and Pop, Squeeze and Pull, Push and Twist are some ways to access such packages.

    At MJ Wholesale we have a collection of the ‘Squeeze and Pop’ Joint Tubes, ‘Grip n Pull’ Mylar Bags and Pinch n Slide Exit Bags that provide maximum safety along with an innovative design. Another innovative idea for cannabis packaging is to use mylar bags with a window so that the customer can inspect the flower before purchasing it. You can also use Vista Mylar bags that are transparent on one side and opaque on the other side for the same purpose.  

  • Customizable
  • Custom Printed labels can make your packaging stand out instantly. A neatly printed label of the logo, brand name or design can strike a chord with the customer and instantly boost brand recognition. Customized packaging never fails to give your product a premium look. 

    To make the custom label’s design more attractive, you can use different colors, texture, fonts and other design elements from your brand palette. This will give all your products uniformity and help with the overall marketing goals. Using the flexibility of custom labels, you can create an attractive packaging that aligns with the latest packaging trends.  If you have the labels and the joint tubes, and are looking to outsource just the application of the labels to the tubes, MJ Wholesale can do that for you!

  • Minimalistic
  • Innovative packaging doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be flashy, bold or out there. Sometimes, too many bold colors can lead to consumers getting put off. 

    Minimalist packaging design is the best way to instill a sense of trust in the consumers. Along with the packaging design, the labels should be minimalistic too. They should be informative, legitimate, serious and striking at the same time. The minimalistic packaging trend can be used for both – medical marijuana as well as recreational marijuana.

    You can buy several types of labels from MJ Wholesale, whether it is custom printed stickers for marketing purposes, State compliant prescription labels to meet the State regulations or  Universal labels to mention a warning or other information.

  • Sustainable
  • The idea of going green and saving the environment has gained global importance and consumers are actively choosing products that align with these values. Sustainable products are getting off shelves faster than products that are made of plastic. 

    Naturally, even packaging has become more sustainable over the years. Here are some ways companies are switching to sustainable packaging and practices:

    • Companies are using environment-friendly materials such as hemp seed paper to create their cannabis packaging. This is because it is recyclable and biodegradable. 

    MJ Wholesale features a vast collection of pop top vials and joint tubes from STO Responsible that are recyclable and reusable. The brand employs an intelligent, accelerated degradation technology that helps their joint tubes and pop tops degrade over time without harming the environment.  

    • Brands are also taking a step to keep their carbon footprint in check. They are sourcing their materials and labor locally to reduce their carbon footprint. 

    MJ Wholesale has a collection of ‘Made in America’ packaging that resonate with the philosophy of reducing the carbon footprint. We are proud to feature a collection of the Made in America - Philips Pop Top vials in different capacities like 13-dram, 19-dram, 30-dram and 60-dram. 

    • Innovative programs such as “Take Back” campaigns are being introduced to encourage the consumers to return the used packaging in exchange for rewards or points. The used packaging is then repurposed or recycled instead of being thrown away.

    Ending Note

    Visit our partners at Beast Branding for a custom graphic design with label application on your product packaging. 

    Undoubtedly, the packaging for cannabis products needs to check a lot of boxes. The most important of them is that the packaging should keep the contents fresh, potent and safe. Thus, it should be airtight and opaque.  Also, it should be compliant with the State regulations. 

    However, if you want to stay a scoot ahead of your competitors, you need to use a packaging design that helps promote the brand and the product itself. With the right packaging you can reach the right audience, and thus get better conversions. Innovative packaging can play a vital role in the successful marketing of your product.  Keeping up with the cannabis packaging trends is the key to succeed in a competitive market.

    At MJ Wholesale, we have all kinds of marijuana packaging that help you display your product in a unique and creative way. Whether it is mylar bags, joint tubes, glass jars, concentrate containers or even custom labels – we have them all under one roof. We can help you create the perfect packaging for your product. Get your cannabis packaging from us at wholesale prices today! 

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