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Flower Packaging

A rapid evolution of marijuana products in today’s market has led to a higher demand for different types of cannabis packaging. Dispensaries are serving up all kinds of products from unique brands in various quantities. 

The packaging that a growing, processing, or dispensary facility chooses is a reflection of the company’s image. MJ Wholesale offers low-wholesale prices on high-quality dispensary packaging so the market’s demand for flower products of various styles and sizes can be met. 

Flower Packaging

A growing facility is going to have different packaging needs than a processing facility, and a processing facility will have different packaging needs than a dispensary.  We understand this at MJ Wholesale and work to provide you with plenty of options to meet your specific needs. 

Before we recommend some of the best-selling flower packaging items that MJ Wholesale has to offer, let’s take a look at the different types of flower packaging that cannabis companies utilize. 

Mylar Packaging 

Mylar packaging has become increasingly popular due to it’s lightweight, yet durable nature. Most Mylar bags feature a resealable design with special properties in the lining that keep flower products fresh. 

Does your state have laws that require cannabis products to be hidden during transactions? MJ Wholesale’s Mylar packaging inventory features opaque options so flower products can be kept discreet.  

Our Mylar bag inventory features the following sizes: 

If these sizes aren’t big enough to meet your needs—no sweat. Check out our selection of large flower bags that can be especially useful for growing and processing facilities. 

Many states that have legalized marijuana require flower products be sold in child-resistant packaging. MJ Wholesale recognizes how these laws alter the needs of your flower packaging. That’s why we provide an entire category dedicated to child-resistant Mylar bags. 

If you’re stuck on what size Mylar bag to purchase, check out our blog post ‘What Size Mylar Do I Need?’ or read more about the myths and misconceptions surrounding Mylar. 

Pop-Top Tubes and Vials 

As a dispensary owner, you need to cover all of your bases when it comes to providing packaging for different flower products. Aside from Mylar bags, Pop-Top Tubes and Vials are fantastic packaging options for flower products. 

Pop-Top Tubes are great for joints and blunts. MJ Wholesale offers bulk ordering options at low-wholesale prices for pop-top tubes in a variety of colors so your joint and blunt tube packaging can contain a visual pop. 

Dram containers are best for storing loose flower product.

The following sizes of Dram containers are offered through MJ Wholesale: 

Child-resistant and opaque options are offered for both Pop-Top Tubes and Dram containers so your packaging can be state-compliant. 

Our Pop-Top flower packaging items are:

  • Easy to open
  • Convenient for travel
  • Secure for long-lasting freshness 


The way in which a dispensary displays flower products communicates the company’s image to the public. That’s why MJ Wholesale is focused on providing top-notch jar products for transport or display. 

While the vast majority of dispensaries flower sales won’t require the use of jars, they serve as an excellent option for displaying flower products. 

Glass or plastic jar options are offered through MJ Wholesale’s inventory. Plastic jars can serve as a great way for growers or processors to transport products while glass jars can boost the display aesthetic of flower products in a dispensary. 

MJ Wholesale has a select category dedicated to flower jars and offers jars in the following size ranges: 

The Benefits of Quality Flower Packaging From MJ Wholesale  

Whether you’re running a dispensary, growing, or processing facility, each realm of the marijuana industry faces varied needs for flower packaging. 

Aside from meeting your basic needs, you want to go above and beyond with the quality of packaging you’re working with to ensure that your flower products are kept fresh, within state-compliant packaging, and aesthetically appealing for product display. You also want to achieve these goals within a reasonable price. 

That’s why MJ Wholesale focuses on providing flower packaging supplies that deliver state-compliance, long-lasting freshness, and convenience for transport and accessibility at low-wholesale prices.

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