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Mylar Bag Dura-Defense Matte Black Child Resistant 1 Gram or 1/8 Oz Mylar Bag - Opaque 4" x 5" (1,000 Count)

SKU: 216-001-110
Original price $500.00
Current price $300.00
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Mylar Smell Proof Bags


Safe, child-resistant, odor-proof storage of marijuana products is often a must. We offer these super high-quality Dura-Defense 1/8th Oz Bags. Perfect for any transportation or storage of cannabis products.

  • Perfect for Print Shops
  • Perfect for Custom Labels
  • Bottom Gusset
  • Matte Finish
  • Square Corners
  • 5 Mil Quality
  • Soft Touch
  • Tear Notch
  • 1000 count
  • Opaque in color so it's naturally UV blocking!

Resealable, feel assured that you aren’t going to get just one use out of each bag. More eco-friendly, cost-effective, less porous, and smell-proof, they’re a perfect alternative to the everyday Ziploc baggie.

The  Dura-Defense resistant design is easy to use, ideal for discrete daily storage, and meets all nationwide child resistant compliance standards. 

Even though the Mylar bag is child-resistant, it has a sleek and professional design that still meets the strict state compliance requirements across the nation.

While this Mylar bag fits 3.5 grams or one-eighth of an ounce, that may not be the exact size for your needs. Make sure to look at What size Mylar do I need? to double-check you’ve got the right bag size.  

When you want to secure just 1 gram of your precious herb and also keep it away from the reach of children, you need a fool-proof packaging and storing idea! The Dura-Defense Matte Black Mylar Bag is the perfect solution for your needs.

Its Gusset bottom ensures that it stands upright and expands when filled. Small but accommodating, this mylar bag is opaque and provides essential discreetness to cannabis users. Soft to touch, the durability quotient of this Dura-Defense bag is top-notch and possibly its best feature!

This premium quality Dura Defense Mylar Bag is the perfect solution for bulk transportation and storage of cannabis products. Measuring just 4x5 inches, you can buy this fantastic bag in bulk (1000 pieces). Especially if you are a grower, processor, or provider – these bags are perfect for you as they provide a sleek and professional look to your bulk products and leave a lasting impression on your buyers.

Don’t worry about customizing and branding, as its matte finish enables you to stick your custom labels on the bag very easily. It is also resealable, so you don’t need to throw it after single use. You can use it again and again! Don’t rely on loose plastic baggies. Opt for the less porous, more eco-friendly, and MUCH better quality Dura Defense Mylar Bags for your cannabis needs.

5 Mil thick and perfectly crafted to meet the child-resistant compliance standards, these bags are economical and easy to store. They are smell-proof and provide an excellent option for daily usage.

Our Mylar Bags are available in the following sizes and varieties:

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