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King Size Cone, Blunt Tubes, Joint Tubes or Doob Tubes

Every smoke shop or dispensary has customers who are fond of that extra-large-sized joint or blunt. It is natural that they will require a decent solution to store these joints before using them or between uses. MJ Wholesale features a range of high-quality, airtight joint tubes, blunt tubes, and doob tubes that you can stock up on for this purpose.

Buddies Torpedoes Cone tubes, STO Joint and Cartridge Tubes, MJ Wholesale Blunt Tubes are some of the most popular brands that we feature in our collection. The Buddies Torpedoes Tubes are available in 50 counts in size 118 mm. Not only are these tubes odor-proof and airtight, but they are also leakproof and available in several translucent colors. Alternatively, you can also stock up on handy opaque joint tubes for prerolls in size 116 mm available in counts of 1000 in vibrant colors like red, gold, black, silver, and mixed colors from our website.Our expansive collection of king-size tubes are perfect for packing the extra-large joints and blunts that your customers crave. Check out our selection of the highest quality airtightpop tops and screw tops. We have tubes in a variety of colors and sizes, so you can get exactly what you need.