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8 Benefits to Using an Online Smoke Shop: Why You Shouldn’t Shop Local

It’s easy to access any of the products you need in your daily life while never leaving the comfort of your own home. This doesn’t stop at the items you might get from a smoke shop. In fact, online smoke shops help prove why shopping online is superior to shopping local. 

Whether you’re shopping for your retail customers or you’re a customer yourself, we’re going to look over the many benefits there are to using an online smoke shop. While shopping local certainly has its perks, but when it comes down to that or shopping online, we want to demonstrate why online will always be the better choice. 

Quality Assurance

Walking into a local shop and being able to walk out with a piece in hand can be nice, but defective pieces can often go up on the shelves without an employee noticing. 

The quality control for most local shops is not the same level as MJ Wholesale or Level Shop. Every single piece is checked for quality control in our warehouse, and defective goods are immediately tossed from the inventory. 

Our pipes, bongs, and other pieces are handcrafted/hand-blown by skilled artisans across the industry, and the quality difference is noticeable. We scour sources for the highest quality, most unique pieces and other dispensary, collective, and other business’ tools to truly thrive. 

Larger, More Versatile Selection

When you walk into a local shop, what you see is what you get. Oftentimes buyers walk away with nothing because no pieces in the store stood out to them, or they just didn’t have what they were looking for. 

When you’re shopping online, the diversity between products and sheer amount of choices can make it easy to find the one that’s perfect for you. Whether you’re a retail customer or a business, you have access to a much wider selection online.


The downside to a head shop is they can be pretty pricey, especially depending on the local area. Shopping online means you can opt to look at pieces that only fit your price range. When you shop through Level Shop as a consumer or MJ Wholesale as a retailer, you can even arrange the products you’re looking at by prices. 

Set it from low to high or high to low and look at the pieces that fit your budget the most. When it comes to shopping online, the affordability very often outweighs the prices from a local shop.

Pure Convenience

With just a matter of clicks, hundreds of products are made available that you can buy and have shipped to you in a matter of days. With our expedited shipping options, you may even receive it by the next business day. 

The ability to get dispensary products of any kind without having to leave the comfort of your home is a massive selling point. Pure convenience at its core, this is one of the biggest benefits when it comes to shopping online.

Make More Informed Choices

It’s easier to analyze comparable products online than in a head shop. When looking for advice, you have to trust the head shop workers on their opinions of each piece or item. Online, though, you can look at hundreds and sometimes thousands of user reviews on a specific product. 

Being able to see the experiences other people have had from products you’re considering can be a make or break for a lot of decisions. Make more informed choices when shopping for your next smoking piece by shopping online right here.

Discreet Shipping that Doesn’t Involve You

The biggest downside of shopping at a local smoke shop is the publicity of it all. Especially for larger pieces, it’s not discreet to buy it from a head shop and take it home. While there’s nothing technically illegal about it, some people just aren’t comfortable being that public about their smoking.

Our reliable shipping means you can receive a discreet package to your home. It doesn’t have to involve you showing anyone what you’re going to be smoking out of, and it adds an extra layer of security to many of our customers.

Better Service

The customer service can vary depending on the head shop you go to. When you shop through one of our platforms online, you can count on quality service every time. 

Just as easily as there are reviews for products, our online shops have stellar reviews from other customers. When you shop online, there’s so much more social proof involved at knowing you’re getting quality service and products. 


One of the biggest reasons people prefer online shops is the anonymity of it. In a smoke shop, people can see you go in and out, and the employees have to see your ID just to let you buy something. Especially if the local head shop is in a busy part of town, it’s easy to be seen.

When shopping online, packages are shipped with discreet shipping, you have more control over your products, and you have pure anonymity through it all.

Shop Online Today

These are just some of the many benefits there are to shopping with MJ Wholesale or Level Shop. Shopping online, in general, as opposed to a local head shop has far more benefits than cons. 

While shopping locally does have its upsides, the convenience, affordability, anonymity, and other features of shopping online makes it truly the superior option. Shop online today and get a piece or products that resonate with you.

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