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Orders Ship Same Biz Day
Orders Ship Same Biz Day

RAW Papers & Cones


Looking for a fantastically amazing RAW deal on the best pre-rolled cones, papers, and tips in the cannabis business? Look no further than MJ Wholesale! We offer an expansive collection of RAW rolling papers, pre-rolled tips, and cones, perfect for smoke shops looking to offer only the best to their customers. Whether you're a dispensary or smoke shop owner looking to stock up on supplies, RAW papers, tips, and pre-rolled cones are the way to go. Provide a classic smoking experience to your customers with the RAW Natural Classic papers. Its crisscross pattern helps prevent runs and ensures an even burn, making it a treasured item for smokers. The Raw Wooden Trident is a stylish and unique cigarette holder that lets your customers enjoy three hand rolls or pre-rolled cones at once, making it ideal for events and gatherings. It is made from sustainable wood, ensuring that each holder is unique and eco-friendly.