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Orders Ship Same Biz Day
Orders Ship Same Biz Day

STR8 Brand


Based on 8 Mile in the Detroit Area, STR8 Brand designs all their products in the USA. They specialize in a variety of innovations for the cannabis industry, including vapes, lockboxes, batteries, USB chargers, and more.

Below, the STR8 cases you see are covered by an impressive 30-year warranty. The STR8 Vape, Draw Slim, Switch Slim, Revolve Slim, and EVOD batteries? They all have a LIFETIME warranty.

Get products you can trust from a company that understands quality through our line of STR8 Brand products below.

8 Inch STR8 Case | 10 Inch STR8 Case | 13 Inch STR8 Case | 17 Inch STR8 Case | 23 Inch STR8 Case | STR8 Torch Case | All STR8 Cases