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We Are A Raw Authorized Reseller


MJ Wholesale is a RAWthentic reseller!

MJ Wholesale is a proud RAWthentic reseller. You can't buy directly from RAW, but we do, and we buy and sell wholesale. We strive to be YOUR trusted and reliable source of real RAWthentic stuff! Only buy RAW from RAWthentic RAW resellers. At RAW's website they list their most trusted resellers. And there we are, MJ Wholesale.

Also, at RAWS's site they warn NOT to shop RAW from just anywhere. Be careful of the too-good-to-be-true, knock-off, imitation, illegal, and counterfeit merchandise. It's everywhere. Only buy from a trusted, legitimate RAW reseller.

We carry as many of these amazingly varied and awesome products as we can keep in stock. And RAW keeps creating more new and exciting products that we didnt even know we had to have! Level up your RAW at MJ Wholesale. Note: Some of the gear, like the RAW Artist Series Rolling Trays are limited edition, so once they're gone, they're gone!


It's all about that smoke sesh. Allow us, MJ Wholesale, to assist you in your quest for the improved, new school, authentic smoke sesh. You need the tools to do the job, right? These are the RAW tools. And this is what we use. The best, RAW! The RAW smoke gear that we use, sell, and stand by includes; Cones,Cone Wallets, Grinders, Handsfree Smokers, Hemp Wicks, Lighters, Lighter bags, Parchment Papers, Rolling Papers, Artist Series Rolling Trays, Glass Rolling Trays, Metal Rolling Trays, Plastic Rolling Trays, Wood Rolling Trays, Rolling Machines, Snuffer AshTrays and so much more!


Look the part. Show your RAW. Be proud of being naturally unrefined. We love our RAW products as much or more than anyone. That's why we wear and carry as many RAW clothing products as we can. Currently we are offering; Beanie Hats, Bucket Hats, Jackets, Masks, Sandals, Scarf, Sweatshirts, Hoody, Crewnecks, Long Sleeve T-shirts, Short Sleeve (with a hidden stash pocket) and more!


You have your valuable and precious medicine and recreational herb. It's your responsibility and privilege to transport them safely until you are ready to partake. And, it's the law! RAW and MJ Wholesale want you to enjoy your herbs safely, and discretely, while showing your RAW pride too! MJ Wholesale offers a vast variety of carry bags including; Backpacks, Day Bags, Duffel Bags, Drawstring Bags, Sling Bags, Trapit Cases and more...


RAW gets us. A coffee mug with a joint holder? Yes please! This mug makes a perfect gift for the coffee and cannabis connoisseur. It's ok to gift yourself, too! Check out this frisbee. It has a joint holder too! Ever pass your buddy a joint flying on a frisbee? You can now! Check out our assortment of lifestyle enhancement accessories that RAW offers. RAW accessories include; Candles, Christmas Stockings, Coffee Mugs, Dog Leashes, Dog Collars, Frisbees and more...

Get the real RAW without a flaw.

Too much competition in the market? We are sure you like to stay ahead of your competitors by stocking up on the latest and best RAW papers. But are you sure you are stocking up on 100% authentic RAW papers?

Fakes? Yes, that’s right. Many RAW product counterfeits are floating in the market, and it is a good time to ensure you are buying the real stuff and not letting a fake one in!

Always keep an eye out for counterfeits. But how do you know which is a fake and which is the real RAW paper? Don’t worry. We have got you covered!

Here are THREE quick ways to differentiate the real deal from the fake one!

  • Missing Spaces in the Text

    When you open a fake RAW pack and read the description, you might notice missing spaces between many adjoining words.

    Look out for the missing spaces between “moisten” and “gently” (moistengently) when you open the papers.

    There might also be missing spaces between “a” and “blend” (ablend). along with the words “leaves” and “per” (leavesper) for the text “32 leaves per pack.”

  • Start Sheet

    The authentic RAW papers always have a start sheet in the pack, whereas the fake ones won’t have it.

  • Quality

    Lastly, quality is always the most crucial factor distinguishing the genuine from the fake. The quality of the fake papers will never be as good as the original. They will have a lousy burn rate and a watermark that looks out of place.

But you don’t have to worry about getting duped or checking for authenticity each time you buy a stock of RAW papers. Just choose a supplier you can rely on without worrying. And who better than your best smoking tools & accessories supplier – MJ Wholesale!

You can trust MJ Wholesale to provide the most RAWthentic experience, no matter what RAW product you buy. MJ Wholesale is proud to be a trustworthy, reliable, and authentic RAW papers reseller. Not only do you get a 100% genuine product when buying from us, but you can also avail the fastest shipping and excellent customer service that we are known for!