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Orders Ship Same Biz Day
Orders Ship Same Biz Day

98mm Joint tube


MJ Wholesales all sizes & colors of Joint tubes, Blunt Tubes, or Doob Tubes available on the market. Our tubes provide the safest, cleanest method to contain your product. Child Resistant Glass, Screw Top, or Pop Top J or blunt tubes.

Joint, Cone, Doob, & Blunt Tubes Sizes Available:
1 1/4 (84mm) | 98 Special (98mm) | King Size Tubes | 94mm | 95mm | 98mm | 109mm | 116mm | Conical Tubes

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These pop top joint and blunt tubes have an airtight seal and moisture resistant design. This makes them the perfect joint or blunt tube for storing and keeping cannabis fresh in processed joint form. The child resistant design and squeeze top features offers a way to package both medical and recreational product. To open, firmly squeeze both sides near the top which produces a signature strong “pop” sound. We also carry screw top vial containers as well if our pop top tubes are not what you're looking for.

If our pop top or screw top joint and blunt tubes were not what you're looking for, please look through our selections of bags for a packaging solution that fits you. We understand that not every business wants to have pop top or screw top containers, so we have a diverse selection of other products for you to choose from. 

Joint, Cone, & Blunt Tubes Sizes Available:

1 1/4 (84mm) | 98 Special (98mm) | King Size Tubes | 94mm | 95mm | 102mm | 109mm | 116mm | 118mm | 120mm

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