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Pruning Shears & Trim Bins

Processing flower products can take a long time if you're plucking the leaves off. Help your trimmers with our shears and trimmers, perfect for processing canna.

Growers and Processors often resort to manual plucking of leaves for the processing of cannabis plants. However, manual plucking can lead to several stress-related injuries, other than being time-consuming and strenuous. With a wide range of trimming and pruning accessories at MJ Wholesale, growers can get their work done efficiently without any strain or health hazards. 
MJ Wholesale features a premium collection of cannabis processing accessories from popular brands like Grow1 and Piranha, among others. The Piranha Pruner Trimming Scissors are available in curved and straight designs with blades that are either steel or titanium. These scissors are perfect as they feature a spring-loaded design that helps reduce the strain on hands. 
In case you are looking to stock handy pruning shears scissors with extra-large blades, then you’re in luck because MJ Wholesale has good quality pruning shear scissors from Piranha as well as Grow1. You can also opt for Mini Clip Trimming Shears Scissors from Grow1 if you prefer a smaller size. MJ Wholesale also has a stock of Bonsai Pruner cum leaf trimmers and multifunctional garden pruning shears for bonsais or small indoor plants.

Pruning weed, flowers, and plants is a long and tedious process. An efficient pruning shear and trim bins simplify this task by making it easier, more organized, and efficient. 

Pruning Shears & Trim Bins are indispensable tools for every cannabis grower and processor. Growers and Processors can prevent plant damage and quickly cut out extras with long-lasting precision shears. Pruning Shears & Trim Bins make it easy to trim buds evenly, measure the size of your cuts, and safely store the trimmings.

This comprehensive guide will talk everything about Pruning Shears & Trim Bins. We've got you covered for everything from the basics to the finer details, so buckle up and let's get started!

  • What are Pruning Shears & Trim Bins?
  • The types of Pruning Shears & Trim Bins
  • How do Pruning Shears & Trim Bins work?
  • How to use Pruning Shears & Trim Bins?
  • How to clean Pruning Shears & Trim Bins?
  • Why should you stock up on Pruning Shears & Trim Bins in your shop?
  • Where can you buy Pruning Shears & Trim Bins at wholesale prices?
  • Pruning Shears & Trim Bins – The Final Verdict
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Pruning Shears & Trim Bins

What are Pruning Shears & Trim Bins?

Pruning Shears & Trim Bins are essential for harvesting cannabis or other plants. Pruning shears are specialized scissors designed to precisely trim excess foliage from plants, while trim bins provide a safe and tidy workspace.

Pruning shears come equipped with hefty and durable blades, which makes them an ideal tool for trimming large stalks to be dried. You can use the shears to completely cut down the stalk or prune off smaller branches that are then stored in a hanging basket until they thoroughly dry.

A trim bin or tray is an incredibly useful too, as it allows you to collect all weed trimmings and reduce waste significantly. You won't technically need a tray or bin to get the job done, yet having one will make your life much simpler! Trimming bud will seem so much easier with this handy accessory at your side.

The types of Pruning Shears & Trim Bins

There are many different types of pruning shears to choose from in terms of variation in blades. Depending on the type of plant you are trimming, you may need a lightweight pair of scissor blades or a heftier set with thick handles and tougher blades. 

Some of the best shears we feature on MJ Wholesale are the Grow1 Trimming Shears, Piranha Pruning Shears and the Grow1 Electronic Cordless Pruning Shears among others. 

Basically, gardening shears come in four distinct blade designs: Anvil, Bypass, Ratchet, and Parrot-beak, each designed to tackle specific pruning tasks.

Anvil: This blade features a sharp and wide side and can make precise cuts on thick branches or dead wood, although its dull side isn't suitable for such clean jobs. To keep it in top condition and avoid crushing living or dormant growth while cutting stems, you must regularly sharpen the razor-sharp edge of this tool.

Bypass: Featuring two curved blades that intersect while snipping, this design allows you to make both speedy and precise cuts while pruning. It's great for delicate trimming and is ideal when aiming to cause the least amount of damage possible. When both blades are utilized together, they create clean-cut incisions just right for small plants with soft foliage, although they can also be used on deadwood.

Ratchet: The blade functions as a cutting board each time you cut; it is similar to an anvil in that one is sharp, and the other is dull. Ratchet includes a ratcheting mechanism akin to an automobile jack, which gives the hands more cutting force. The blades are often secured together by a lock not when not in use. 

Parrot-beak: These pruners boast two short and rounded blades in the shape of a parrot’s beak. Those curved blades firmly grasp the stem, providing an effortless snip every time. Thanks to their shorter handles, these pruners are perfectly suited for smaller tasks like trimming thin branches or deadheading small plants.

When it comes to trimming bins, MJ Wholesale features a few brands in its collections. Here are our top picks:

Harvest More

Make trim work more enjoyable with the Harvest More Trim Bin. This two-part system is uniquely designed for ergonomic convenience and maximized use of space, all while being portable enough to turn any couch or table into a comfortable working station!

Of course, this product lives up to the same quality standards as its counterparts in the Harvest More line; you can guarantee that it's made from long-lasting materials and crafted with ingenuity so your investment will last.

Table Top

With the Table Top Trimming Station, you can easily plant, handle seedlings and repot without making a mess on your workbench or counters. This deep tray is designed with convenience in mind--it has an integrated shelf for tools and flowerpots as well as easy-grip handles that make planting completely effortless!

How do Pruning Shears & Trim Bins work?

Pruning shears and trim bins are critical components to facilitate cannabis growing, harvesting and processing. These tools expedite harvesting while preserving the plant's integrity. Pruning shears are perfect for trimming the extra, unkempt parts of your cannabis plants and cutting away leaves, buds, and stems to enhance their growth.

The trimmed material is then collected in trays or bins for further processing. Trim Bins are typically standardized plastic containers that are used to store small amounts of the trimmed material. They allow quick and easy sorting of materials to be packaged and distributed more efficiently. Additionally, they make it easier to keep track of processed products on an ongoing basis.

How to use Pruning Shears & Trim Bins?

Here is a step-by-step guide to using pruning shears and trim bins for cannabis:

  1. Begin by harvesting the flowering tops of the cannabis plant with pruning shears. Make sure to cut off all leaves, buds, and stems that are not attached to the main stem.
  2. Place the harvested material in one or more trim bins for easier later sorting.
  3. Sort through the harvested material in the trim bin, separating any unwanted material, such as sticks or leaves.
  4. Now you are ready to package and distribute your processed product!

How do you clean Pruning Shears & Trim Bins?

It is important to clean your pruning shears and trim bins regularly to maintain a safe and sanitary working environment.

Here are some ways to clean these tools.

Rubbing alcohol: For an easy, effective way to remove stuck-on residue and resin from your scissors, fill a glass or other container with rubbing alcohol. Submerge the blades of your scissors in the solution for around 30 minutes before taking them out - you will be amazed at how easily it removes all that pesky sticky stuff!

White vinegar: If you don't have access to any alcohol, white vinegar is a great alternative. Just dip your cleaning cloth in the vinegar and rub it on the blades of your trimming scissors. You may need to do this repeatedly as vinegar's effectiveness for breaking down resin is comparatively weaker than that of alcohol

Citrus solution: If you don't have any alcohol or white vinegar, a citrus solution is your best alternative! Mix equal parts of baking soda and coconut oil in a container. Add some natural citrus oil for added effect, and stir the mixture well. Now, place something beneath it to catch any drippings and spread the combination liberally over all scissor’s blades. Finally, take a clean cotton ball or cloth to wipe off the mixture and residue from your scissors!

Before experimenting with these procedures, thoroughly scrape off as much resin from the blades of your trimming scissors. Utilize a scalpel or an exceptionally sharp knife and run it down the length of each blade while keeping a small bowl beneath them to capture every bit.

Oiling Your Pruning Shears

To maximize the longevity of your trimming blades, ensure you oil them before each use. A light coating of vegetable or olive oil should do the trick - focus on the pivot point and then wipe off any excess oil before using. Your scissors will thank you for running smoothly for longer!

Why should I stock up on Pruning Shears & Trim Bins for your shop?

Pruning shears and trim bins are essential tools for anyone involved in cannabis processing. Pruning shears allow you to expedite the harvesting process while preserving plant integrity, while trim bins provide a more efficient way of sorting and distributing the product. 

Investing in these tools can help save time and money - as having the right equipment in place can help streamline the entire process. Furthermore, having a stock of pruning shears and trim bins on hand ensures that you are always prepared and ready to start processing. 

Therefore, stocking up on these tools is essential for any growing and processing facility looking to stay competitive in the cannabis industry. Pruning shears and trim bins are must-haves for anyone looking to maximize the efficiency of their operations.

Where can I buy Pruning Shears & Trim Bins at wholesale prices?

We offer top-notch pruning shears and trim bins at MJ Wholesale at unbeatable prices. Our selection includes the finest items from leading brands like Grow1, Harvest More and Piranha. 

Avoid manual strain while cannabis processing with our top-tier, spring-loaded solutions. Our trim bins are designed to maximize product recovery and keep your facility clean. Our pruning shears, scissors, and trimming bin options can help make your employees happier as they do their work. 

Reduce the risk of repetitive stress-related injuries today with these dependable products. Experience the MJ Wholesale Difference today and benefit from our wholesale prices on pruning shears and trim bins. Invest in high-quality instruments at competitive costs to make your operation as efficient as possible!

Pruning Shears & Trim Bins – The Final Verdict

If you're involved in cannabis processing, having the right cutting tools and trim bins is essential. Not only do these items ensure maximum efficiency during operations, but they also provide your employees with a more comfortable and safer working environment. To take full advantage of your purchase, get quality pruning shears and trim bins at wholesale prices from MJ Wholesale today!

Frequently Asked Questions about Pruning Shears & Trim Bins

  • Does the Grow1 Titanium Trimming Shears come with any safety features?

Yes, the Grow1 Titanium Trimming Shear comes with a safety lock that keeps the sharp blade safely closed for easy storage.

  • What are the blades made of on the Grow1 Titanium Trimming Shears?

The blades of the Grow1 Titanium Trimming Shears are titanium-coated stainless steel.

  • What's the distinction between shears and pruners?

Pruners clip flowers and branches more precisely. Shears are used to prune hedges and remove huge tree limbs.

  • Do pruning shears need sharpening?

Sharp tools make pruning much simpler. Therefore, it is well worth the time to clean and sharpen them. 

  • What are the features of the Piranha Pruner Bonsai Shears 40mm Stainless Blade trimming scissors?

The Piranha Pruner Bonsai Shears 40mm Stainless Blade trimming scissors is a gardening tool that is ultra-light, compact, and easy to use.


Processing cannabis can lead to numerous repetitive stress related injuries. Our high quality solutions include spring loaded designs that help reduce strain. Our trim bins ensure your operations recover as much product as possible for both reuse and to keep your facility clean. Make your employees happy to trim with our pruning sheer, trimming scissor, and trimming bin solutions. 
Trim Bins by Harvest More are best for storing your product safely and keeping your facility clean. Lightweight, portable, and easily cleanable – the Harvest More trim bins come with a static brush to sweep off the pollen. The Trim bin features two trays, each with high molded walls to keep your product contained carefully. The top tray (bin) has an interchangeable stainless-steel screen, and the lower tray has a mirror finish, making it easy to handle the trays and clean them. 

You can also opt for the Table Top Trimming Station to work with your plants without getting your counters messy. It has a deep tray and an easy-grip making it convenient and high on utility. MJ Wholesale has the best trimming, pruning, and binning solutions that aid canna-processing for growers and processors alike. 


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