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MJ Wholesale How to Library

MJ Wholesale How to Library. Learn what people also ask about Pop Top drams, Mylar bags, Joint Tubes, Glass Jars, All about Marijuana Processing, Dispensary Supply and Smoke Shop Supply needs.MJ Wholesale How to Library. Learn what people also ask about Pop Top drams, Mylar bags, Joint Tubes, Glass Jars, All about Marijuana Processing, Dispensary Supply and Smoke Shop Supply needs.

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Pop Top Vials for Marijuana

Why are pop top vials so popular in the cannabis world? Not only are they airtight, odor-resistant containers, they help keep precious flower and other product fresh. Find out everything there is to know about pop top vials and how they fair as useful marijuana storage containers through the guides below. We aim to answer any and all questions you might have on the subject -- because everyone deserves to know about sustainable, efficient packaging solutions.

Pop Top Vials for Marijuana

Sustainable Cannabis Packaging 101

Sustainable Cannabis Packaging  

All cannabis cultivators interested in longevity should be concerned with being as eco-friendly as possible. As people who profit off the bounty of the earth, it’s also our duty to be good stewards of the planet. After all, commercial agriculture is an industry that is very likely to disproportionately feel the negative effects of climate change. Even if concern for the planet and your fellow man doesn’t compel you to find ways to make your operation more sustainable, then the possibility of a shrinking bottom line probably will. 

Pop Top Vials for Marijuana

The Futurola Knockbox

Futurola's Knockbox 3 is available in three different sizes through the MJ Wholesale inventory: 

Here, at MJ Wholesale, we're interested in bringing you innovative products that help you save time and increase profit. Standard Cone Fillers from Futurola allow users to fill 100 pre-roll cones in 2 minutes. With high market demand for pre-roll products, investing in a Futurola Knockbox has never been a better idea. 

Ganjapreneur reports that nearly 8% of total cannabis sales were from pre-rolls in 2018—and those numbers are only going up. 8% of marijuana sales in 2018 translates to 985 million dollars. With consumers enjoying the convenient nature of pre-rolls, the assembly process is growing increasingly automated.

While other joint filling machines exist on the market, Futurola's Knockbox is the most exciting: 

Pop Top Vials for Marijuana

Philips Pop-Tops vs. Chinese Pop-Tops

Pop-top vials are an integral part of modern-day dispensaries. 

You might be wondering why pop-top vials are so essential for dispensaries. 

Customers and dispensary employees love the convenience and efficiency that pop-top vials provide. To open a pop-top vial, all a user has to do is squeeze either side of the bottle's top portion until a clear "popping" sound is heard. 

Pop Top Vials for Marijuana

Chinese Pop Tops and American Pop Tops Vials

To conclude which country produces the best packaging products, we’re going to outline the pros and cons of each culture’s production and business style to make an overall recommendation. 

Pop Top Vials for Marijuana

Difference Between Opaque and Translucent Drams

With the current boom of the marijuana industry, there are several different packaging selections for dispensaries, growers, and processing facilities, including: 

Dram vials are containers whose name is derived from the Ancient Greek measurement of one dram as one teaspoon. When you enter a modern-day dispensary, you're bound to find dram containers as they're often used for packaging products for sales transactions and transport.  

This article is going to highlight the essential differences between various dram pop top vials.